Friday, October 1, 2010

DUMB ASSteroid

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  1. jazzspazz’s comment… now that made me laugh.

    Good one.

  2. I feel so sorry for her. The teacher will have a good laugh at least. I think?

  3. The song mentioned is actually my favourite song, which makes this not only an awesome post but an homage to my taste in music. Now to listen to said song.

  4. Assuming that this post is legitimate it is still doubtful that the paper will be written. Surely if Whitney has the ability to navigate Facebook and Microsoft Word (the latter which she quite likely has to be at least somewhat familiar with otherwise it implies that this is the first essay she’s ever had to write) then she must easily be equipped to deal with the simplicity of Google. As it would be impossible with her seemingly low intellect to embellish 1000 words’ worth of information–a process requiring great imagination–on what was said by Jon and Trey alone, it would probably occur to her to Google “great asteroid of 1998” (Armageddon being the 3rd result) and possibly “aerosmith earths anthem”, which would be a far less cerebrally exhausting activity than time spent in a library. If this isn’t fake and Whitney actually is a simpleton, I still am sceptical that she would be enough of a half-wit to not Google it and thereby not discover, until one thousand laborious words later, that she’d been had.

    As vindictivebitch has wondered where this girl has been, I also am interested to know where this ostensible gold mine of comedy has been hiding.

  5. This is a little random, but I think that Skweezy Jibbs should have a permant part of lamebook. This isn’t the place, I know but you may be intersted in adding him. I still can’t believe that a person such as Skweezy Jibbs exists, and every time I log into facebook I am once again suprised.

  6. tl;dr

  7. alifus, you are right to believe he doesn’t exist.

    he’s an actor called tim savage. this was discussed on the original thread. perhaps you should believe in something, well, a bit more believable. not yoink – that’s too much of a stretch. try gabe, maybe? everyone loves gabe.

  8. Sigh…I can’t wait for tomorrow so lamebook will have some new fodder.

  9. Lamebook really needs to update over the weekend

  10. Quick, someone go to Wikipedia and create a page detailing the great asteroid of 1998!

  11. Thanks alordslums, I was really worried about the state of humanity. I must have missed that in the discussions 😀

  12. hobo – you’re quite welcome. 🙂

    alords – bite me.

  13. Why was this old post re-entered???

  14. @63 It’s a Lamebook Classic.

    For those using Firefox and AdBlock Plus, you might want to look at also installing NoScript.

  15. that was the most awesome thing i have ever read on LB thxxxxxxxxxxx my morning started with big smile……

  16. So this is a classic now for the nth time?

  17. @66 My point exactly…

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