Friday, October 1, 2010

Troublin’ Times

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Hmmm, another Ben for me.

  2. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And as you can see, I said nothing about the post, that’s because the post was shit.

  3. @Dukey, I second that. Nothing to even comment on.

  4. …Beronica?

    …the fuck?

  5. Also I third that. Beyond ‘Beronica’, I have absolutely sweet fuck-all to say on this post.

    Seriously, Beronica?

  6. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    Not so much as a chuckle from that post… Next!

  7. ♪ ♫ Beronica sits in her favorite chair
    She sits very quiet and still
    And they call her a name that they never get right
    and if they don’t then nobody else will ♫ ♫ ♪

    ♫ ♫ ♪ But she used to have a carefree mind of her own
    and a devilish look in her eye
    saying you can call me anything you like
    but my name is Beronica ♪ ♫

  8. Heh heh….Beronica.

  9. I liked these especially the last one, hah

  10. Paint_my_nails_please

    If I cared, I’d ask what’s an MIP?

  11. The last one just made me depressed. It reminds me of my birthday party, the year I transferred to a new high school. My friends showed up, and I tried to entertain them and have fun, like a good host does, but they weren’t having any of it. Finally, I asked what was wrong and why they were being so distant and that’s when my supposed best friend told me that nobody actually liked me, they only showed up to my party to be polite, and really the only reason they pretended to be my friends for so long was because they felt sorry for me because I was new.

    So yeah. Perhaps Chance is irritating or an incurable bore, whatever, but I can totally empathize here, and there’s really nothing funny about that post. I’m guessing the “damn, who told you” is supposed to be the joke, but come the fuck on.

  12. 🙁 The Hobo is sad now.

  13. Can’t help but actually feel very sorry for chance.

  14. .. me too

  15. Yeah seriously, what the hell? That’s not funny, it’s tragic. Just sad. It reminds me of grade school. It might as well be taken down. Nothing humorous about someone trying desperately to fit in and being mercilessly rejected by his peers. Sick, Lamebook. Sick.

  16. Why is he referring to himself in the third person? I actually thought he was talking about another guy. Does it hurt that much that he has to be an observer in his own life?

    Ouch Sean, kick a man when his down!

  17. Everyone knows a Chance. Sad fact.

    A lot of people update their status in the 3rd person. Fucking drives me nuts.

  18. Oh, Hobo, don’t be sad. Go off to the pub and have a pint, that always makes me feel better.

    That and my husband’s penis.

  19. Poor Chance.

  20. Chance’s post made me so sad, it reminded me of my own middle school story..
    I’d write it out, but nobody cares :/

  21. I feel bad for Chance. I’d invite him to my party.

  22. @18 Your husband’s penis makes me feel better too, that and ecstacy, weed and my own bodyweight in alcohol.

    Take a chance on me.

  23. I write my statuses in 3rd person as well, because of the fact that your status starts right after your name without any punctuation separating the two, so I just do it to keep grammatically correct. That, and sometimes it’s a challenge to say the status I want to say in 3rd person, and MP loves a challenge.

  24. MasterProp I did that sometimes back in the days of the ‘is’ but even then I stopped. It reminds me of- what’s his name- that creature hobbit from LOTR, Imagine how it would sound if everybody followed through on that:

    Sean Designatedbitch want’s to know who told chase.

  25. *Chance

  26. If I don’t know a Chance, does that mean *I’m* the Chance among my friends?

    Now I’m depressed.

  27. chance is like a cool version of MEG.

  28. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Alord beat me to it.

  29. MEG? Oh right, Kelly. Gotcha.

    At least I actually read what Chance had to say.

  30. ^^ That was mean!


  31. Beronica is demented. Adam is a jerk. Kyle is a jerk, too, but Chad’s a bigger jerk.

    Does anybody else feel ‘Chance’ is out of place?

  32. Perfect chance for Chance to shun all humanity and become a super villain genius.

    Allow me to be perfectly honest here, I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 2 people at my birthday party when I was still in school, and haven’t even celebrated it in years. Doesn’t mean you have no friends. Usually it just means you’re totally incompatible with the majority of moronic jerks you normally meet, and you need to reach out to people you have something in common with. That’s usually resolved by the time you reach college and discover C++ and Dungeons and Dragons.

    I don’t like football, drinking, drugs or party hardy. Why would I even want to be invited to some jock’s party?

    Chance needs to sort out his priorities and make new friends. Otherwise, he’s the only one to blame for feeling left out.

    That’s unless he actually is the kind of person that actually gets shit drunk at your party and ruins everything.

  33. I feel bad for Chance here. It’s hard to tell what’s really going on, but he’s obviously feeling down.

    I still don’t know what MIP is, but I guess it’s pretty bad if the dude was stupid enough to treat a cop like that. But I don’t think they let you update your Facebook from jail, so it can’t be that bad, right?

  34. MIP = minor in possession, usually referring to alcohol. So no, it’s not that bad – the penalty is typically a slap on the wrists and a little fine. Nothing that necessitates acting like an idiot; he’s lucky all he got was the MIP.

  35. I second metabog – post 32


  36. i had loads of friends because i was good at sports and had a fit girlfriend.

  37. I can’t believe it took me until just now to realize that when Chase said ‘him’ he was talking about himself rather than some unspecified third guy that other people on Facebook would know about, and that rather than being a dickhead making a shitty joke, Sean is just a dickhead.

  38. Wow! I took Chance’s story as way different! I figured he got in a fight with a friend, most likely a girl. What do girls say when they get mad? anything they can to hurt you! So I figured she came up with some story about how everyone is talking behind your back, blah, blah, blah. And he freaked out and went running to FB, where one of his true friends, in boy fashion let him know it’s not true. Do men really let a guy they hate hang out at every party? I have never known one to hold his tongue or actions that long.

  39. I can’t believe everyone jumped on the “poor ol’ Chance” bandwagon.

    I mean, he posted that whiny assed post to his FB, obviously looking for attention. If he was really concerned, he would have gone to his friends *in person*, or at least PM, not a freakin’ status update.

    He comes off looking like a little bitch, and deserves to be mocked in the comments.

    If you ask me, he got off easy on this one.

  40. I agree MP. There’s gotta be a reason he’s so disliked, I mean especially if it’s so bad that people have to collectively decide not to let him know about events!

    (True story) I got inspired by this post to dump the Chance in my life this past weekend, I only talked to him out of pity anyway, because nobody else would and I totally see why they didn’t! He needs mental medical attention! Psycho!

  41. @Paint_my_nails:

    MIP is “Minor in Possession” of alcohol.

  42. I agree with MP.

    For those who say that they’ve been “Chance” in their past, would you have ever announced your unpopularity in a public(ish) venue like FaceBook? Much less sounded all whiny about it?

    Mayhap Chance is an attention whore.

  43. @42.cr3a7v3m1nd

    Mayhap you are a heartless shit. He wasn’t whiny, he was hurt. Anyone would be after such a heartless betrayal by rotten people who he thought were their friends. Not that you would understand, as you clearly lack compassion.


    He’s probably only disliked because the people he wanted to hang out with were elitest snots who were treating him unfairly because they could. I imagine the people treating Chance unjustly were probably as heartless and petty as you.

    @Masterprop. Wow. Could you be more hateful, unfair and judgemental?

    But I guess there will always be a few worthless pieces of crap out there with no sort of character depth or compassion. People like you(And I use the term “people” loosely.) are scum. Kicking a poor person who only wanted to be loved when he was down. What’s the matter? Couldn’t find any children to rape, puppies to kick or elderly nuns to push in front of a bus?

    If there was any justice in the world, the people who were treating poor Chance unfairly would be dragged out into the street, curb stomped and beaten. Elitest cliques sicken me. Maggots like them should be crushed under an iron heel.

  44. ^Dude you sound like a nutball seriously, I think that if I was friends with you it would also be out of pity… which wears off eventually!

    Also, I’ll take being a heartless, petty, elitist snob anyday over being stuck in a friendship I don’t value. Thanks!

  45. That’s depressing. Reminds me of grade school, when my group of friends decided together to shun me for the rest of the school year with no explanation or anything until school ended and I never saw them again.

    Of course, now they’re my friends on FB for some reason.

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