Friday, October 1, 2010

Apparently Parents

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Kimberly has her priorities straight.

  2. The Alicia one is old. VERY old.
    As for the Kurt and Michelle one, why did she not just delete it? ‘Cause it’s FAKE maybe?

  3. Never seen the Alicia one before, but I’m just trying to get my head around it… Alicia lives with her dad and not her mom, but her mom agrees that she should be grounded because her boss can read it… why does Kimberley’s boss have Kimberley’s daughter on Facebook? That’s a bit odd.

  4. Gotta love the pirate facebook theme…. arrrrrr!

  5. I’m tired of seeing that first one, or variations of it, on here. It’s old, Lamebook. Time to put it out to pasture.

  6. Alicia’s mom is just trying to impress her boss, parents, and (assuming) ex-husband: “I wasn’t the more fit parent for custody, but yeah, that girl is grounded for talking such CRAP!”
    michelle has daddy issues, deleting the comment is not only the expected action, but the easier one too. It’s one click (oppossed to 3 comments)!

  7. dan_fargis_is_a_fag

    @cabbitch… I love the LOL/lots of love ones, though. I’d like to see more than just the standard ‘someone died… LOL’, though. Much rather see something like; “I ran over your dog… LOL” or “sorry for giving you genital warts… LOL!”

  8. Alicia, way to be a moron. And boy does Erika sound like one hell of a good mom! Give some of those energy drinks to the new baby while your at it…

  9. Bizarre. I’ve never been able to read posts of my friends’ friends’ on their facebooks without making the effort of actually GOING to their profile. I can understand the grandparents, or at least a little. But why is el creepo boss keeping tabs on his employee’s daughter? This is concern #1 for me regarding this post.

    Concern #2? So mother-missing is attempting to discipline her child for saying “fuck” rather than the light beer she is apparently drinking whilst evidently still being young enough that “you’re grounded” has any effect whatsoever..? I think I would be more concerned about that. Personally. But I am insane.

  10. Nokomis I think the mom is more concerned about how her daughter makes her look than the language. I wouldn’t even use the word “crap” around a kid, although it’s a mild word. She could have put that in a more serious way: “Alicia, your language is unacceptable” rather than a ‘what’s this crap, my boss can read this’ kinda tone.

  11. I’ve never understood why people don’t just delete their post if they didn’t mean to post it, instead of commenting on it and saying “whoops wrong facebook” or “I didn’t meant to say that haha oh how embarrassing.”

  12. Because they’re stupid, Calamityooo. That’s all. Just utter stupidity.

  13. If you delete a status or whatever, all the answers disappear as well? I have never used Facebook, so I have no idea.

  14. The comments all disappear, aye.

    I assume the reason people comment ‘oops! hopefully my mom won’t read this comment about me masturbating in her room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ instead of deleting it is because they’re gigantic fake fucks.

  15. Really Hobo? I assume it’s because they did it on purpose because it be OMG SO FUNNAYY! LOL WHAT A HILARIOUS MISTAKE! SOMEONE SCREENSHOT THIS AND SEND IT TO LAMEBOOK! AHHA AREN”T I SO FUNNAY??

  16. MsBuzzkillington

    My comment is awaiting moderation?

    I can clean it up, I guess?

    Neil’s post/joke is like 5 years old. I seriously remember reading the exact same joke in a Reader’s Digest.

    Then I also saw the posting on another site, ahem. So that person used a really old joke, got posted. Then someone copies the same status from that site and then submitted it here and got posted.

  17. Dude, who the hell friends their mom’s boss?

  18. @17, I don’t think it was that the child friended the mom’s boss, but rather that the mother friended her own boss, therefore letting her boss see what comments she leaves on her daughter’s page.

    A couple of problems with this:

    1.) If the real scenario is my second example, then “mom” could easily avoid the whole situation by just not commenting on her kids’ updates, and

    2.) I know it’s been said before, but why bothering to friend your parent if you’re going to post inappropriate stuff?

  19. Just delete your mother. It will drive her crazy! Not having a child under her thumb for one moment? ARRRRGGGGHHHH!

  20. Eh. Kids do dumb things all the time. Perhaps this is why the kid is with her dad. The excessive punctuation and shrill tone make the mom come across as an overbearing harpy. I can’t see Mom’s boss being impressed with how she handled the situation. It could end up giving her the unfavorable impression she hoped to avoid in the first place. Or even make it worse.

    Not saying that parents should not discipline their kids. But this scenario should have been handled with a PM or a talk with her on the phone or in person, rather than a meltdown in public.

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