Friday, April 22, 2011

Rolling Duty

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  1. First, nice one. Best Rick Roll ever.

  2. Not that it would change my life, but I really hope that wan’t a set up.

  3. *wasn’t

  4. @ahat, yeah, the timing looks a bit suspect doesn’t it. 5min to come up with that Rick Roll ? I think you are onto something….

  5. I will say that if it is a set up, it’s a well crafted one.

  6. I hate you, stubby. You have killed my buzz.

  7. Not necessarily a setup. He could be some sort of Rick-rolling savant?

  8. I don’t care if it was a set up or not. A good joke is a good joke. I LIKED this one!

  9. 1angrychick2cups

    Not all witty comments are pre-fabricated. He may be the rain man of Facebook posts.

  10. I know him. We used to work together for a few years. He really is a witty guy and when it saw the post on his Facebook, I didn’t expect it show up on Lamebook. But hey.. maybe it will bring back Rick rolls..

  11. 1angrychick2cups

    @Red God, I hope so. I’ve Rick rolled 3 people today. I’m trying to figure out how to post a rick roll on Facebook, but the stupid post always says where it’s taking them.
    And it’s only on Lamebook for its complete awesomeness.

  12. Oh, is Rickrolling still a thing? Glad we could suck the funny out of that one, too. Just like Ginger jokes, Rebecca Black jokes, Bieber jokes, Twilight jokes, and whatever else.

  13. Since when are ginger jokes not funny? I guess when they lost their souls they lost their sense of humor, too.

  14. Jesus hates gingers. I, myself, have quite a fondness for the freckley beauties.

  15. Ranggers smell funny, a weird combination of soap flakes and foot odour.

  16. lametothemin, I’m very much not a ginger. But I’m also not 14, so I don’t usually think stupid jokes are funny. If you need proof that ginger jokes aren’t funny, your comment is a great example.

    But you should definitely keep making them. If you say it enough, it will become amusing.

  17. Oh, hey, it’s the ginger joke. You know, the over-done, boring, rarely funny joke that hinges on its subject having red hair? HI-LARIOUS!

    lametothemin, you’re an idiot. And before you ask, no, I’m not a ginger. I’m a brunette.

  18. I too am mean to spice

  19. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a redhead, ginger, whatever. And again I will say that if I have no soul, then I will use it as a defense in court.

    Anyway, we redheads seem to be polarizing. People are either extremely attracted to redheads or they aren’t attracted to us at all. And I can deal with that. It means that to the men that I am attractive to, I am a goddess. Which is fine with me.

  20. I love red hair. With skin that is so white its clear. Throw in a set of green or brown eyes and you can have me at your mercy.

  21. Why would you consider rick rolling as a possible alternative to a verdict, it just seems like a stretch to set up the knock down! By the by, Ginger jokes are funny but not this no souls ref…

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