Thursday, April 21, 2011


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  1. Ben!

  2. oh, and first?

  3. Is Lucas for real? Is Lucas even a dude? Jesus, what a nutless sap.

  4. yea. umm lucas if youre reading this the chick left you because you have a vagina. man up and quit being such a pansy!

  5. I kind of feel sorry for Lucas. He needs an “off” button.

  6. Allie cheated on Lucas with an apostrophe.

  7. its ok, he has a period

  8. @Rev: the “smack a hoe” in your name wasn’t nearly enough of a warning that your website would feature women with fists in their asses. Thanks??

  9. Actually guys, if Lucas has love like that then he IS a woman’s best friend. He could do better than this Allie chick. Also, if he lays that drivel on many girls he is going to get the best sex of his life from them.

  10. And I have seen sappier, his friends are the ones with with the inane allegory

  11. I have to disagree with you there, Hawky. No woman I know would want to bang an insipid softcock like Lucas. But I do agree with you about a couple of the friends. Tissues? What the fuck?

  12. Eric’s a winner. Is he single?

  13. jacqbone, I’ll fight you for him

  14. If my girlfriend had Lucas’ natural ability to vagspasm, I wouldn’t have to cry myself to sleep every night.

  15. Lamenting is fun.

  16. Lucas sounds like someone who hosts a (pick one: Oscar’s party, The Bachelor season finale party, Sex in the City finale party) and during (pick one: Superbowl, World Cup, Footy GrandFinal) is in the kitchen preparing dip.

    Maybe Lucas can go make me a sandwich.

  17. @stubbyholder: You, sir, hit the nail on the head!

    Eric = winning on this one!

  18. FAKE – date of comments are not in order.

  19. @ #18: I’m pretty sure the chain was just so long that the submitter had to take 2 screen shots, one minute apart, which would account for that.

  20. @jj444: I accept your challenge.

  21. @word Perhaps if he inserted a “get your whore-ass back here” with a hard slap on the ass in the middle of his whimpering he would have a more appropriate response. And he ain’t slapping her with the hand either

  22. A tissue that can be washed and it’s soft? I have to look into this.

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