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  2. OMG what an annoying name dropping bitch. & does anyone even like Jason Castro?

  3. really, @THEjasoncastro??

  4. I think someone should clue Taryn in on the difference between posting 1 thing with @THEjasoncastro in it and posting 12 things with @THEjasoncastro in it

  5. This chick is the worst.

  6. Yeah, I know this chick. She’s the most stuck up cunt you could imagine. Seriously why has no one run her over with a bulldozer.

  7. Why is somebody named “Aspiring” liking her status?

  8. Who the hell is Jason Castro anyway?

  9. Hippie liberal douche

    I’m glad I deleted this bitch before she started twating.

  10. play-by-play, much?

  11. Has anyone told her she made it on Lamebook? I’d love to see her reaction to that. Jason Castro has a whole slew of people working for him. This chick acts like she is the ONLY ONE. What a stuck up cunt.

  12. I love the one at the top… where Kim says “Are you talking about me? :)” and then Taryn has that gem of a comeback… “hahahah no no, talking about twitter silly kim, although it is flatter you want to be me! ;)”

    and then when the guy asks her to have Jason email her back about the t-shirts – “um…. no thanks.”

    This literally made me lol. I’m glad I don’t know anyone like this haha. Self-centered much?

  13. If it talks like a groupie and walks like a groupie, then it’s probably just a groupie.

    How retarded. Thanks for this one, Lamebook!

  14. “Jason Castro has a whole slew of people working for him. This chick acts like she is the ONLY ONE. What a stuck up cunt.” Thank you Devin for bringing the TRUTH to this. Also, Wallace? “Who the hell is Jason Castro anyway?” indeed.

  15. Wallace & Diane Mk II:
    “Who the hell is Jason Castro anyway?”

    I think I have your answer…

    Tayrn: “STRESSING OUT!! Getting all the last minute details done and put in order before my big show tomorrow! :)”

    ….her show? If that’s true then logic tells me that Tayrn herself is in fact Jason Castro

  16. I just looked up Jason Castro. If he gets even decently big then I think all our tiny high school goth kids and “scene” people are going to be replaced by pee-wee hippies. They’ll still shower every day, but will try to spout about an all natural life and free love. social fail

  17. It’s just Jason Castro…Big fucking deal.

  18. i wish i knew this girl, so i could punch her in the throat.

  19. Taryn is the roadie? Or the errand-girl? WTF, she doesn’t sound like she is IN the band, but does stuff for the band – probably for free, stupid twit.

  20. I just googled Jason Castro and not only is this sad chick bragging about being a gofer for an American Idol retard, but he wasn’t even the winner(do “winner” and “American Idol” ever belong in the same sentence?). I can actually feel the waves of hate coming from everyone unfortunate enough to know her. I bet even her mother can’t stand her…

  21. Who the hell is THEjasoncastro?

  22. i would love to punch this name dropping bint square in the chops!

  23. Maybe I would be impressed if it was somebody relatively famous.

  24. what the fuck is a Jason Castro?

  25. @ USA1977: As I recall, a “Jason Castro” is “A guy my sister went to school with”. I’m completely serious, by the way. She went to school with a guy named Jason Castro. I believe he was a trombone player. 😀 Ironically, they went touring to Cuba that year… they considered making “I’m with Castro” t-shirts for that group.

  26. she took her wedding photos in an anthropologie store. that in itself tells should tell you all you need to know about taryn.

  27. Ugh. Self-centered much? Also, bad at Math. I counted way more than one @THEjasoncastro.

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