Monday, April 4, 2011

Say Hello to Suroor!

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  1. until pussy juice comes out of your mouth? WORDS. FAIL. ME.

  2. @SAMWISE: how appropriate that his favorite song is “show me the meaning of being lonely” hahahaha, priceless!

  3. 452 moments of legendary greatness…

    Lads & lasses… I salute ye.

    ps. Did he use ‘boogeyman’ and ‘kids’ in one sentence?

  4. it just occurred to me that we may be bullying Suroor? if thats the case i kind of do feel bad, wouldnt want to drive this guy to do something stupid though…. is making fun of someone bullying? (it seems i do have a conscience after all)

  5. @ifitwerentformyhorse I encourage you to do the youtube post anyway!! Who said you needed to be talented to upload a video? I do look forward to it! You’ll do it?

  6. @lamebooklurker

    It becomes bullying when you are bombarding him with hate and negativity every chance you get. This was why I discouraged e-mail harassment earlier. Having a private(loosely defined as a place where he will not likely look to see it) place to make fun of someone so obviously worth it is not bullying. If he ever bothers to look here (which he hasn’t, even though he’s been told about this) he might get upset and angry, though.

    I still think that his ideas and beliefs are twisted and ugly. His own statements make him out to be a hypocrite. I will carry on making fun of that. Nothing wrong with that at all in my book.

    Besides, I’m not as funny as most of you guys. That’s why I’ve only been lurking here for the last year.

    Oh, and don’t put his picture into a youtube video. That could be considered liable.

  7. @LILLI… Thanks Lilli, that makes me feel better (i wouldnt want to be a bully and i definitely wouldnt want to have a hand in this guy doing something stupid to himself or others). 🙂 and yes, he is a hypocrite! thats why i keep coming back here LOL he never stops dishing out the LOLs

  8. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @agenda – Too bad we all got over Suroor before I could do the YouTube thing. And @lilli is right, using his picture would have been a bad idea, and I don’t think a video would be that good without it, so no go.

    @lamebooklurker – We haven’t been so much bullying as talking about him behind his back. Aside from the people who e-mailed his sister to ask if she knows how fucked up her brother is, all we did was copy and paste crap Suroor posted online already.

  9. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @lamebooklurker – I just realized you tried e-mailing his sister too, obviously that’s not bullying either. Oh and chaiman can fuck off.

  10. @ifitwerentformyhorse Damn it! Yeah, Suroor was a good post, and that album would have rocked so much… But i think we are all just fed up with this. I feel like I know ALL there is to know about him. There is no mystery anymore (lol), I’m bored with Suroor. On to the next victim!

  11. ifitwerentformyhorse

    @agenda – Too bad whenever I submit a different crazy person to Lamebook, they pass and pick some shitty status update instead.


    I hope & pray you never find my FB page! LOL I’d hate to be Lamebook fodder! 😉

  13. @ifitwerentformyhorse: yup, i tried to warn her, but got no response, so yeah, at least i did my bit to steer some sort of help his way…. oh well!

  14. heyy everyone..Jus came across dis page accidently n I thout I shud put in a comment!i kno this guy frm high skool,he was a loner n had a real bad time wid the girls like bein dumped by girls hell alot of times!back then he was a skinny guy! He hated pretty girls jus bcoz he knew he cud never get one! Hes a retard and a maniac n lol check this out..this guy wants to marry too. Hes on! lol

  15. Fuckin’ Suroor, innit? We were just talking about him the other day!

  16. dafuq did I just read

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