Friday, August 28, 2009

Wrong Website, Bro

Wrong Website Bro

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  1. hahaha…someone woke up on the horny side of their bed.

  2. He’s young, single and good looking, how did he not get any replies?!

  3. syber sex, cam showes, feel free to ad me, ladies onlly…I’m getting a headache listing his intelligence

  4. Flip : I lol’d so hard.

  5. it’s so tempting … pity lamebook removed the email addy.

  6. wow.

  7. New drinking game! Just take a sip every time Joel can’t come up with another adjective besides “sexy”! I’d say take a sip every time he misspells a word too, but that could be lethal.

  8. So much fail. So little time.

  9. Please, please let him stick to syber sex – that way there won’t be any li’l Joels running around.

  10. Genuine class.

  11. I like how it takes until his fourth attempt for him to nail his routine down. Those three days off were well spent.

  12. So what happened, Joel? Some freak nuclear accident wiped all the porn and all the lotion in your city area? Men’s Health told you that desperate is the new sexy? You took viagras thinking they were Tic-Tacs? For crying out loud, man, that’s pathetic!

  13. I wish people would just keep it on AOL and not bring it to the real internet.

  14. Obviously, his account has been hacked.

  15. @14 August 9th to 24th and this hacker only has one lame line?! Common Chip, hack me another!!!

  16. If that’s the case, it’s one lame hacker. No mention to furries, fisting or bukkake? Meh.

  17. What is he even TALKING ABOUT, Facebook is about SOCIALIZING not SEX TALK, that’s why they call it SOCIAL NETWORKING, notice they don’t even ask for your SEXUALITY unlike MYSPACE which NOBODY EVEN USES ANYMORE, all of you who don’t understand that need to SHUT UP and GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!

  18. I love a bit of dirty chat. Don’t even get me started, I can waffle on for hours about potholing, mud pies, dog faeces, soil, muddy wellies, all that filthy shit. Ooh yeah.

  19. Whoever screen capped this, I’m so glad they waited until they were able to show that this was not a one time offense, this was not a repeat offense, this crap became habitual.

  20. I still use myspace! Also, this has all the hallmarks of a bot. I hope bots aren’t registering Facebook accounts now.

  21. In the history of the internets, has that ever worked? Has a young, sexy girl ever replied to something like that and had cyber sex?

    (I know a lot of men reply and pretend to be girls, that doesn’t count)

  22. He doesn’t have a cam cos he’s short, fat ‘n fokken ugly. Probably wears a toupee too.

    And he lives in a dream world if he thinks a girl’s going to be enamoured by him. He probably wakes up shooting…

  23. srsly, who uses msn?

  24. @2 – He never said that he is good looking, only looking…

  25. Michelle. I use MSN.

    I’m just not into syber sex.

  26. Mich Mash – I thought AOL was the ONLY internet….

  27. @17, c`mon lighten up. FB is for whatever you wanna do there… It`s the internetz you talking about!

  28. This is exactly what omegle is for

  29. Nothing wrong here.

  30. It’s a fucking computer program. How did this make it on to lamebook???

  31. stfu is a tard

  32. ya i agree…
    btw for naughty dirty chat my email is

  33. @stfu,

    Your caps lock usage hurts the inflections of my inner voice.

  34. I agree with mandizzle.

    stfu’s RANT against this POST annoyed me more THAN the ORIGINAL POST.

  35. i find it interesting that he dropped the “and/or ladies/women” from his spiel.

  36. someone’s a bit dessperate.

  37. I know someone called Joel (KNOW not AM FRIENDS WITH) and he’s a complete loser. This could very well be him… tosser.

  38. get a life cunt!

  39. @mullet

    What’s a “life cunt”? I thought they were all pretty much permanent, and now you’re telling me they come in different varieties?

  40. Hey Joel. I know this is a little forward of me, but I’m a bit of a dirty girl and I like hot, sexy, dirty, naughty, kinky, slutty, cheeky chat.
    Are you maybe OK with that?
    Not to, like, push myself onto you or anything.

  41. I have met him, he is a little twerp!! STC, you are right about him, except he isn’t fat. Dratic, young and single perhaps, but otherwise… no comment, lol. It wasn’t me who submitted this by the way, but I do know who did.

  42. Could you repeat that, I don’t quite understand what you’re saying…

  43. Dude :O I have a feeling this is my goddam ex !

  44. girls, ladies, and women? does this refer to different age groups? (8-12, 14-17, 18 & up?)

  45. Can I get that e-mail?

  46. D e s p e r a t e.

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