Wednesday, March 17, 2010

More PhoDOHs!

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  1. Yeah, at one stage I thought it was user specific as well.
    They have moderated me once, and on the most random and innocent of comments, it was really strange.
    Tinkleflower is good, but I know you have better coming.

  2. Hahaha, I personally think Steve is awesome. At least he’s showing honesty, as opposed to all the people who act like someone is a saint just because they’ve died, even if they hated them in life. Go Steve!

  3. @Soup/Word; tinkeflower’s GoodGood…

  4. Kunle, that’s a self-ironic answer full of WIN.

  5. funeral shots will always creep me out.

  6. It’s a little sick, but so funny.

  7. victorfrankenstein

    i think that pic 1 is a guy. muscular arms (for a girl), large hands…

  8. That’s not a guy. Please.

    Steve just blew his chances of ever getting laid again.

  9. seaborgiumJadee

    Clearly that really is her penis and the girl’s body was put there for show. That chick in the purple shirt only has one arm. I promise.

    Smh @ “that dudes black.” Bullcrap, looks pretty Jew to me.

    Hell if grandma skipped out on my Christmas money I’d celebrate her death too. Old cheap hag.

  10. He forgot to tag his grandma

  11. @ Soup & wordpervert: First off, Happy Birthday word. Secondly, you two crack me up every time I read these comments. You two are the reason I started jumping in on these.

  12. looool omg

  13. spammers suck

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