Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not the Right Type…

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  1. OM Fucking G, some people spelt some shit wrong, quick, pass me the brain bleach.

    In your fucking face anonisgayisgayisgay etc., you fucking lowercase bum-troubler.

  2. Maybe stupid but I am thinking Sarah spelled it like that as a joke…. hopefully because thats just BAD

  3. I’ve been eating out my friends too.

    They say dogs are mans best friend and these sexy bitches certainly are… the Terrier’s Puppy box tastes a bit like Pedigree Chum though if I’m honest.

  4. Erm… I’m fly sexy n intelligent too

  5. Yes you are wandr but exactly how sexy and intelligent is your average fly I wonder?

  6. These are just stupid.

  7. “The Envy Of All Fat Bitch’s”? Silly me… all this time I was under the impression that fat bitches were jealous of thin bitches… but hey, what do I know?

  8. #5 Dude, she has a glass eye! That’s uber sexy.

  9. I know it’s nearly as sexy as a wench being unconscious ain’t it?!… Imagine an unconscious, glass eyed fuck piece in a wheelchair!…. I’m off for a game of Wank and Seek.

  10. Being fly-intelligent is practically the same being unconscious

    Add purple hair and, really, that’s an uncannily accurate description of me you’ve got there, love

  11. “gwm on my grown n sexy shyte”

    Well I’m glad at least gay white males are paying attention to her.

  12. #9 That is a stunning mental picture, #10 scrap my comment regarding admiring you, I am in love now.

    Of for some self evaluation too and I usually don’t stop till my palm bleeds.

  13. I need a translation for the first one, I don’t speak Fat Bitch.

  14. saffer it’s not Fat Bitch, it’s some deranged hybrid between 15-year-old textese and suburban white kid gangsta wannabe-ish. Way too common here in the states.

  15. Darilyn gives us legitimate lingerie models a bad name.

  16. Poor Sarah. She can’t spell, and, she’s a dog.

  17. saffer, I haven’t a fucking clue what she’s on about either.

  18. I disagree, throwingtofu. That bitch ain’t white, she’s some kind of Latina or whatever.

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