Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TMI for Your Tuesday…

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  1. I think I’ve seen that baby before.
    Yep, I recognise him.


  2. The baby is adorable .. Stever is a goat-faced donkey.

    (my last 2 were moderated)

  3. Blurring the face fail.

  4. that baby is having an orgasm? lucky baby.

  5. I just want to send my thoughts to all the NZ lamebookers out there.

  6. awesomesaurusrexatron

    anorexic, if you know that kid too, then all i can say is im happy lamebook has only chosen this update to put on the site. the whole hurley/leslie saga could have produced far worse (and arguably much more hilarious) posts.

  7. slicingupeyeballs

    Thank you NoLongerTroll…

  8. Condolences too eyeballs and NZ.

  9. Holey shit look at that bulbous nose!!!

  10. Whats a nz lamebookers?

  11. Adorable? Not even close to adorable. That baby was hit with the ugly stick.

  12. They called him Hurley? Why not Queasy then? Or Vomit or Spewey?

  13. No matter how fuck-ugly a baby is, people will always proclaim it the cutest thing ever.

    On a side note, my orgasm face is similar to my ‘pushing a log out’ face. I have photo’s of both. Just in case you’re interested. Or a pervert. Or you’re Imamofo.

  14. *photos

    Fucking hell, give us a preview or edit facility lamebook, just for the fucktards among us.

  15. Paranoid, your photo albums sound …. interesting.

  16. PA, people will, won’t they? Well most people. I have a friend who had a baby about a year ago, and she’s always saying it looks like it has Down Syndrome. It doesn’t. It’s just my friend is an even bigger bitch than I am.

    By the way, I’m interested.

  17. “Awk look”, while wearing a smile, works just fine when faced with an ugly baby.

  18. I know how David feels, I was just as shocked when I saw inappropriate photos of my daughter online…. Flid Fuckers and Mongy Minges is not where you expect to see your first born on all fours.

    Paranoid I’d love to see both sets of photos, strictly in the interest of science you understand? In return I can send you a copy of my ‘Dump a load on an unconscious Granny’ photo?

  19. curly, I use that approach when faced with an ugly man.

  20. The photos go down a storm at family functions, not so well at funerals though.

    Mofo, my man, only need that one to complete my set, like some kind of perverted Panini sticker album. Have you got ‘pissing on a tramp whilst rimming a donkey’?

  21. word, are you still interested in these photos? I am, disgusted at myself for it too.

  22. Yes, curly. The “pissing on a tramp whilst rimming a donkey” one is of particular interest. mofo, how about it?

  23. #10 NZ=Noticeably Zealous, he used to comment here but died in an earthquake.

  24. wtf is wrong with that part of the world, first the floods than cyclones in australia and now new zealand with the earthquake…

  25. @stomabeutel
    Your disgusting. NZ is in a state of shock and state of mourning, way to cross the too soon line…

  26. I’m afraid I don’t have the ‘pissing on a tramp whilst rimming a donkey’ one, it’s very rare and hard to set up as donkeys’ are notoriously renowned for being very stubborn about letting people near their ass.

    I do have ‘Fingering a wheelchair bound disabled chick in the frozen foods aisle of a low budget supermarket’ though if that’s any good to anybody?…. It was a Netto.

  27. I think stoma. I think colostomy. I think shitbag.

    mofo, doing a disabled doesn’t do it for me. Sorry, bro.

  28. Dang mofo, already got it, fish-fingers anyone? Anyone?

    @25 *You’re – If YOU’RE going to be outraged, at least do it with correct grammar, kind of dilutes the point otherwise. Anyway, big love to the NZ dudes/dudettes, the cooler cousins of Australia.

  29. wordy Don’t be so bloody disabilist, just because she’s leg mental doesn’t mean her meat purse is no good…. besides it’s more fun, I liked to imagine i was face fucking R2-D2, getting her to whistle provocatively with her mouth full was quite difficult though.

  30. You’re an equal opportunity offender, mofo, no doubt.

  31. Yes I’m your friendly neighbourhood metrosexual, politically correct rapist.

  32. #25 Was it my comment that caused your brain damage? It seems that your cognitive skills are impaired. Please consult with your GP asap.

  33. stomabeutal, you think you are so smart. But you are just a smart monkey. You are smarter than the avrage monkey but you are still just a smart monkey.

    At least I am self aware.

    I apologize to new zeland on your behave, idiot.

  34. No. 32, Sorry to pick up on this, but in fact I’d send georgev420 directly to acute services (probably A&E in this instance) for any instances of comment-linked intercranial trauma (or CLIT as we call it in NHS management circles).

    However, a later visit to the end-users’ GP would probably be in order so that they can have an ‘outrage inhibitor’ installed for the safety of those around them…

  35. That’s all well and good guys and indeed very well may be the case but what does all that have to do with me finger fucking Ironside?

  36. #33 George, my long lost simian friend, thank you for your kind and loving words. You asked in your comment (10) what “NZ Lamebookers” are. I was merely giving you a hint, since giving you the full story would make me look like a Wallace.

    Can I offer you a Banana as a peace offer, or do you prefer peanuts.

  37. #35 Finger fucking Ironside sounds like more fun anyway.

    I finally found that hooker with the glass eye, she gave me BJ and a serenade. (At the same time.)

  38. Yeah, my singing voice is shit anyway, it’s always best with something to muffle it up a bit

  39. wandr You may have a voice like Chewbacca coughing up a spunk bubble but your tempered glass eye is a wonder to behold…truly a window to your soul.

  40. #38 Her voice was like an angel but I still wonder why she removed her glass eye, before getting down to business.

  41. @40 The glass eye was removed so there would be a nice little hole to deposit your splooge. Obviously. Pfft amateur.

  42. #41 that makes sense!

  43. Depending on cock girth you could also fuck the eye canal… Literally face fucking her.

  44. And I feared there wouldn’t be a market, but I may have finally found my niche

  45. #44 and a admirer for life…

  46. I’m easy, you’ll see. All I need is dirty talk with an accent. I don’t care if you fake it.
    Or money’s good too

  47. Alamdente, 34, stoma wasn’t even talkin to me in 32, so whose the f*ucking mental defect now huh? You confused little pricksucker.

  48. “Not at the table, Carlos.”

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