Friday, August 13, 2010

Background Checks (Bonus: Foreground Check)

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  1. Can someone please explain what is so lame about #2?

  2. lifelaughlovedance

    HAHA so it did get posted. @Xepher yea his name is sonic, no blue dye though, imma work on that

  3. I didn’t know it was possible to have both a camel toe and moose knuckle at the same time. Now I know. Thanks lamebook. My day was improved just a little today.

  4. Laaaame! I’ve seen worse things in Union Square.

    I can haz hedgehog? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!

  5. Could pic #1 be a lead-in for pic #2, then you look at the chick and (my initial thought) ‘wtf is she holding?! Ooooh, a hedgehog…’

    Because me and my friends Herb and MaryJ immediately saw the banging furries.

  6. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong with #4 until I read the comments. I guess I’m just not one for checking out another guys package.

  7. The guy in the foreground of the last picture is dan_fargis.

  8. That hedgehog is so fucking cute.

  9. If the kid in the 1st one somehow accidentally shoots himself in the face, at least there is some tissue to hand to soak up and clean the resulting pool of blood.

    Angel soft is super absorbent and soaks up 30% more blood then it’s nearest competitor. One Sheet does Plenty.

  10. I just like the fact that in No. 1 the kid’s shirt says “Groovin’ Gorilla” and in No. 2 there’s a gorilla groovin’.

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