Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quickie Time!

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  1. no worries martha… i get you some knee pads

  2. And I’ll piss in your pants.

    Wait… I mean…

  3. um… also not going to accept the friend request I have from Judy

  4. first one is aerosmith lyrics..

  5. Martha, you’re so right, and I have the scars to prove it, but the difference is mine have nothing to do with love.

  6. Yes ohcool, and that song is a personal favourite of mine.

  7. Judy, if you’re pissing your pants on a regular basis, you’re not doing your pelvic floor exercises.
    Start squeezing girl.

  8. Fairly certain I’m related to Kasey… Makes the family reunions a hoot.

    Judy and other “retarts” of her ilk make me want to piss ON them. That text-speak has begun to trigger a Pavlovian rage response in me.

  9. Oh dear. So comparing people you like to smelly bodily functions is considered a compliment now?

    I feel so old…

  10. Yes Miss Shegas, I agree, I despise text talk.

    Warning to any guy that I may date in the future…

    Text me like that and you’re history.

  11. the first one is an aerosmith song?

  12. Kasey seems like fun

  13. Fuck yes, kova.
    Check it out, top song.

  14. Yeah it’s a song, nothing to do with carpet burns! 😛

  15. Well, it is a song, as for the carpet burns, the double meaning is there.
    But like I said, my scars are not from love, just lust, only lust.

    Have a nice day people.

  16. The pissing the pants thing is one of those “funny” little phrases that has been going around lately and is not at all original. In fact, it isn’t even her own natural status, it’s from an app. See the “choose a funny status,” underneath her name?

  17. How is the holocaust one lame??

  18. hey word….i always text complete sentences and complete words.

  19. Elvishswimmer- cause the first person wanted a rose and had no idea what was going on.

  20. SomeRandomChick

    After reading Martha’s update, hundreds of boys at her school were caught replying “I didn’t know THAT was what she meant when she said she wanted to love me! Damn!”

  21. and word… i text proper and send dirty pics and thoughts

  22. @15- scars? How aggressively do you give head.

    kiddin’ I know what you meant…funny.

  23. The first one is a quote to an Aerosmith song DURP DURP DURP

  24. SomeRandomChick

    Wow, I know you meant that as an “explanation” and yet, in my head it’s now only lamer.

  25. shouldbeworking

    it happens. take it in. learn to love it.

  26. CommentsAtLarge

    Yep, not big on text talk either. I’m my own grammar nazi, and just can’t bring myself to do that to the English language (except “though” becomes “tho” from time to time).

    I know it’s the wrong Aerosmith song, but I now officially have “Dream On” in my head.

  27. MsBuzzkillington

    Whenever I see “tho” I think of Titty Hard On. I mean that IS what it originally meant.

  28. @Mass, giving head doesn’t leave that bad of rug burns haha. Its all about the spontaneous, hardcore sex in the living room of your parents house that gives you terrible rug burns. Not that I know anything about that. In fact, I have no idea how I got the scars that I have on my knees. I think it was in the office.

  29. I love that song. Every time I hear it I piss myself.

    As for Kasey, I’ve been there. Except I never got arrested for it. People didn’t mind seeing me naked.

  30. sexluther, I knew in my heart that you would be a complete kind of man.

    slim, you can send the dirty pics and thoughts (provided they’re complete), I’ll leave the complete sentence texting up to sexluther.

  31. Kasey is probably the T.Ts picture lady. i’d throw that in a cell as soon as humanly possible :/

    and word….how i’ve missed you and my nickname.

  32. lol

  33. I’m trying to give Martha the benefit of the doubt and seeing if I can figure out if what she said about knees could somehow be something innocent… I guess maybe I just have a dirty mind, because I can’t come up with anything.

  34. Gwang, could’ve been worse. “Falling in love is so hard on the ass.”

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