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  1. Well at least she’s modest about it.

  2. Well can we at least see the one Fred picked?

  3. what on earth is “functional anorexia”??

  4. “Functional anorexia” is what fatty bloggers call hot chicks.

  5. not really sure why this is lame…wouldn’t mind seeing more of this on facebook

  6. I think the lameness might be in how over the top her pose is……Does this mean she’s trying to be a functional anorexic? If that even exists? And what exactly is Fred picking a picture for? Ugh. So many questions.

  7. Or it might be lame because she posted a picture of herself in a bathing suit on facebook, complimenting her best features….

  8. at least the pose looks comfortable

  9. It is lame because it says FUNCTIONAL ANOREXIA.
    very lame

  10. also note the title is oxymoron if your still confused about what makes this lame

  11. It might be the compression but take a close look at her neck. If it is what I think it is then it’s funny.

  12. How hot does she think she is?!

  13. Blink-182 bitch!

    She’s hot

  14. Plus, who’d try to show off being a “functional anorexic”??

    I’ve struggled with eating disorders.
    And I can’t say that I’ve ever wanted to show of how functional I can be while going through it..
    especially like…this..

    what the heck!?

    And what does LateNight mean, exactly?

  15. The comments should also be featured on the page. haha

  16. She has a load on her neck!!!

  17. functional anorexic and a photo shoot in the hotel pool? this chicks delusional

  18. In response to #14… That’s the difference between someone who’s genuinely struggled with eating disorders and someone who’s bought into the pro-Ana body shaping bullshit… No one who’s actually been there would proudly advertise it, or feel comfortable in a bathing suit (in front of a camera no less), or think they looked sexy. This bitch has no idea.

  19. She looks like she’s about to lose her footing and slip into the pool.

  20. I’d hit it.

  21. Now there’s a girl who’ll go through a nervous breakdown when she turns 40 and realizes that you’re not always going to have your looks to rely on. Also, commenter #4 (blah), you’re a total douche; go back to 1954, why don’t you?

  22. anorexias not fuckn cool just because most women seem to have some kind of eating disorder, doesn’t make it normal makes it heaps more fucked up. guys who support or encourage girls/woman to have annorexia are total sick fucks! do people know that its common in 10-14 year olds? jesus!

  23. VOL *1* ?!!?!?!?!

    There’s more of them?

  24. I just popped one… v.v

  25. And here we have yet another attention whore…

  26. I suppose Fred is her pimp.
    That is pathetic.

  27. Functional Anorexia?

  28. did anyone else notice how weird her ear is?

  29. Can anyone else see she’s wearing a pearl necklace?
    And indeed, her ear is rather peculiar!

  30. Christ on a cracker

    The pearl necklace was part of her payment for the pictures. I say good for you, Fred, you can now buy some blow and sniff it from her ass!

  31. im always a bit uncomfortable about using a persons ‘infirmity’ (best descriptive term i could come up with for now,)as the basis for a joke. usually i find it to be in bad taste and not appreciated by the class of persons who are the target. if you are going to single out a segment of society (especialy a minority group) for this kind of special treatment, i think at the very least you oughtta TRY and construct it so the people you are pointing the finger at could POSSIBLY find some humor in it, and along the way you might try to find ANYBODY that thinks its funny, just for good measure.

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