Thursday, August 20, 2009

Amped Up

Amped Up

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  1. This one is too easy.

  2. “Amplitude is the magnitude of change in the oscillating variable, with each oscillation, within an oscillating system.”

    I hope that helps.

    Do you think he meant aptitude?

  3. I didn’t know what Amplitude meant at all until I read Mike’s definition above and I also didn’t know that people could live for a million years so I must REALLY stupid.

  4. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Oh, Rashi…YOU tell US how fucking stupid people can get.

  5. I Like His Inconsistent use of Capitalising first Letters of words

  6. … no

  7. ever Have i NEVER

  8. Now I want to take an actual Amplitude test, rather than an aptitude test.

  9. There are fewer things more satisfying than when people call others stupid while appearing to be really stupid themselves.

  10. Modern medicine lets people live a LOT longer than i thought.

  11. How stupid can people get? I don’t know but you set a pretty high bar, Rashi.

  12. your retarded

  13. Using all-caps for the word “never” is standard drama queen, but that whole “million years of their lives” thing is an interesting new lame variant.

  14. Yes chip, Yashi owns this particular retarded, although you have give us reason to suspect that you’ve got a stash of your own.

  15. ^ Duh, make that “given”… I’ve got some retarded too!

  16. Ooooooh…. I get it now, Snap. Thanks for explaining. I was more making fun of the fact that this person said, “Have they NEVER…,” instead of, “Have they EVER…”

    You see, when I was replacing the correct word with the incorrect word, I was doing something similar to what Rashi did, which made my comment, “Your retarded,” funnier.

    The internet needs a sarcasm font.

  17. I have to amplitude your butt hole!

  18. Actually, I hear the frequency test is much worse than the amplitude test. It’s so bad, it actually hertz.

  19. Nope, sorry Rashi, but in my many millions of years, I have never taken an amplitude test. God, I must be fucking stupid 🙁

  20. I failed my amplitude test. My frequency was all over the oscilloscope.

  21. @Phalange:


    Will you be here all week?

  22. Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, spooky, scary. Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves.

  23. i would have loved to see a comment to his status that said something like “Where exactly Could i Take THIS ‘Amplitude Test’?”

  24. *Cranks the amplitude all the way up to 11*

    The original post is an oxymoron in it’s finest and purest form, with the emphasis on moron.

  25. The Irony Is Blinding.

  26. Where’s Einstein when you need him to invent a test!

  27. Arf The Crime Dog


  28. @chip, try this:

    text goes here

  29. Well, this box doesn’t allow for formatting, apparently. So my last comment now doesn’t make sense. Fuck. Nevermind.

  30. I’m sorry chip. I didn’t know that you were being sarcastic. That’s really funny!

  31. does he mean millions of years as in, if you add up all of the years they’ve lived into one huge sum? or what?!

    maybe i didn’t take the same amplitude test in high school.

  32. im not surprised at all…i fuck stupid women all the time

  33. What the fuck are you talking about here2go?

  34. When I reach the age of one million I’ll take my first amplitude test.

  35. I scored a 4 on my amplitude test. Is that good?

  36. Lol at the ‘Hertz’ remark. Properly laughed out loud, not just grinned, as lol usually implies.

  37. To answer your question, Rashi – “How Fucking Stupid Could People get?” – the answer is: They could get as fucking stupid as YOU!

  38. I think he was referring to an aptitude test, and he failed it. Fuckwit.

  39. in the millions of years of lives that ive lived i can honestly say ive never tooken an amplitude test!

    i must be stupid! :O

  40. Lol @ Phalange. I would love to take this amplitude test and possibly live millions of years.

  41. Without amplitude tests humanity would never have been able to reach their peak-to-peak….

  42. Apparently, very stupid.

  43. I tried and trieded again, but nobody teached me enything about amplitude. Rashi, please give me the answers to the test so i can become a genies like you……fanks,

    Your retarded offspring

  44. “How Fucking stupid can people get”…..
    Rashi…Look into the mirror and you shall find he answer to your question.

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