Monday, July 15, 2013

Look Who’s Talking

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  1. Blue, you got “Random” and “thought” correct! Good for you.

  2. Atleast he didn’t write “stoopid”.

  3. “relize there…”
    ^ You’ve forgot that too.
    Also, it’s better to use fucking rather than refer to it by using freaking. You still are referring to fucking.

  4. ^ Freaking is a dance from the ’90s. Fucking, is, well, fucking.

  5. huked on foniks werked fer me to.

  6. Zatknis, you’re one of those people

  7. ^ You win!

  8. Clearly the zombie apocalypse is already upon us, I see the walking dumb everywhere.

  9. Red is just being narky because it’s that time of the month…

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