Monday, July 15, 2013


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  1. Heaven can’t wait

  2. Try it now! #killyourselfslut

  3. Hypothetically speaking, Justice is going to be pretty dissapointed when she finds out the only dick she may be sucking is made of fire.

  4. This is why we can’t have nice things.

  5. #Unbelievable

  6. The Murdering OJ

    Black people always find the positive.

  7. Steeeever and Trayvon Martin = same person?

  8. Martin, you lucky fuck, it’s hard enough for some of us LIVING folks to get head, let alone having dumbass bitches lining up and praying for death.

  9. People have no shame.

  10. keeping it classy. wow.

  11. Next thing you know, he’s gonna have a cult filled with these kind of girls, or even boys, that revolves around Trayvon. Kind of like what groupies are to bands.

  12. Sorry, but if it’s really heaven, won’t Marilyn Monroe or someone way hotter already be sucking his dick? I mean, it is heaven.

    Getting your dick sucked by the girl in the picture? That’s the kind of thing that only happens in purgatory.

  13. I’m torn on the one hand I want to grudge fuck her eye socket with a soldering iron in an attempt to open a large enough hole for intelligence to get in. However on the other hand I think she might just be stupid enough that if I say enough buzzwords I could fuck her.

  14. This post would have made an excellent plot for Ghostbusters 3.

    Trayvon would play Slimer.

  15. Anybody would suck an angel’s dick, if you REALLY care you’ll suck his dead body’s dick.

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