Monday, July 15, 2013

Winning at Walmart

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  1. News flash: a bag of chicken and a bag of eggs is going to weigh the same as both being in one bag.

  2. I could see that lame ass punchline from 3 miles away. Love it when people tell these loser “oh snap” narratives and then end it with some line that makes it seem as though they’ve advanced comeback humor ahead 30 years. “Needless to say, I got one less bag from Wal-Mart today” – HAHAHAHA, go fuck yourself

  3. @ #2. Nice call on that. Chances are the story is only half true and he didnt think of the punchline until he started to tell everyone on facebook the so called highlight of his boring ass life.

  4. The Murdering OJ

    Didn’t know there were so many fucking comedians out there. Remember how everyone posted that shitty wal mart story that ended with “I can’t believe someone fucked you twice.”

  5. Oh Brett, but does putting chicken meat and eggs together in one bag help your mid-life crisis?

  6. How is that backtalk? What a jerk.

  7. Ted Ferguson,
    News flash: one bag is easier to carry than two bags

  8. …And did the whole Walmart applaud your ingenious comment, Brett?

  9. I got so many goddamn walmart bags………..

  10. I often ask for everything to go into one bag/less bags and I hate when the cashier states a reason why it is not possible. So f**king annoying.

  11. Yeah having at one point worked as a bagger of groceries I can attest that she was probably repeating corporate rhetoric. Seriously Safeway had lots of rules about bagging that made no sense, but were strictly enforced.

  12. dardarbinks
    Newsflash: No, it isn’t…

    Although the average Walmart cashier may be as stupid as people think, this doesn’t really sound strange. She may be just repeating whatever they told her to say, but how is it backtalk?

  13. Brett please add to your shopping list:

    10No. Boxes of ibuprofen or some other tablet that will make your liver cry.

    1No. length of good quality hemp rope.

    1No. Bottle of something to wash pills down with and make you brave enough to wear the rope.

  14. The ignorance of the OP astounds me. Perhaps, Brett could just wait until he gets to his car, and remove the eggs from said bag, and but them in his second bag alongside his chicken. Problem solved.

    Of course, getting frustrated and angry with the cashier, putting away his groceries, and then making a Facebook comment on the truly horrific nature of the grocery store incident was far less effort.

    And in the end, all I think you will find is that the cashier was trying to do what she believed was the right thing by you. And you’re also a jerk.

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