Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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  1. You too, word. I just didn’t think you’d want the knob knocking. I’d get inside you and do calisthenics.

  2. word, you are right on point.

    Boys: Spanka, Soup, Sex… (word, in a more private way) my bed is calling me, but my dreams will be filled with you. Night!

  3. Well Soup, enjoy ee’s titties.
    ee, I love you as always.
    You other lot, don’t know you well enough yet, but bye have a good evening anyway.

  4. Well lets name it now Lex, has anyone got any idea what lex should call his wang?

  5. Kryptonite?

  6. take it easy ladies.

  7. Marvel?

  8. My good night thought to sex: honey, give it a name of power! Night!

  9. I’m dreaming of THAT tonight Soup.

  10. that’s pretty good….

  11. out of the suggestions i’m leaning towards marvel.

  12. Isn’t Lex Luther part of the DC universe? Go ahead and call it Marvel if you want the name to be colored in wrongness. Even more so than your actual dink.

  13. Well soup he’s not likely to call it ‘Smallville’ is he?

  14. Twat

  15. I can kind of sympathise with her, I had a “pig whore” of my own who kept popping up even after i deleted the ugly fucker – gotta love that block button 😛

  16. Chewbacca shagger

    I think i love “pigwhore”. Anyone that can piss someone off so much and still be friends to so many people can only be a master at her/his craft.

  17. Kids say the darndest things

  18. Crosseyed pigface FTW!!!
    and when did lamebook become eharmonyforretarts?

  19. gosh, that’s 2 minutes i won’t ever get back…

  20. I lol’d so much at this its embarrassing
    “Pigwhore” is probably awesome, she can piss this Heidi off with no effort.

  21. ManBearPigWhore?

  22. You can always tell a good rant…from the lack of apostrophes!

  23. Fuck yeah Goldman. I can’t believe no one else thought of that yet. YOU WIN.

  24. U mad 😀

  25. The funniest thing thus far in this post and thread, posted by drukrnwhpre –

    “when did lamebook become eharmonyforretarts?”

  26. lol

  27. spammers suck

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