Friday, August 17, 2012


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  2. Seriously, fuck this guy ^

  3. “Oooo, I love this song! Can you turn your boobs up please?”

  4. omg, she actually thinks that is real

  5. That is music to my mouth.

  6. These would be really awesome with a subwoofer ass implant.

  7. @velocirrober I know a lot of bands that wouldn’t need that… they already sound like shit.

    ba dum chh.

  8. toddvanhamburger

    6-7 #winning

  9. Morgan Freeman, please change your avatar to a picture of Morgan Freeman. Sabrina scares me.

  10. I fucked Sladana.

  11. I know this is a joke but just wait a few years.. my cycnism tells me this could actually be a thing.

  12. fail fake fagg

  13. my breasts are already like hosts of angels singing in harmony.

  14. ^ You hear them singing from your knees?

  15. only when I’m doing yoga.

  16. Stupid woman.

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