Friday, August 17, 2012

We All Fail Sometimes

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  1. It’s amazing how every time a gaydude takes a photo of himself in the mirror he always gets the camera perfecty vertical.

  2. Gay.

  3. Darren is proud of his chest.

    Darren’s dad thinks he is an abomination and that the Bible strictly forbids putting cocks in your bum.

  4. Isn’t this technically child porn? those half naked kids look about 13.
    great. thanks for that, lamebook.

  5. remember – just because the kids produce it themselves (kids are fucking idiots), doesn’t make it ok to disseminate the sexually exploitative materials.

    especially when you are too stupid/lazy to obscure their identities. what a cunt act, lamebook.

  6. ^ Completely agree.

  7. fail/fake/fagg

  8. “pick up ur head and start a new one” A new head? or a new life?

  9. Lamebook is dying.

  10. We’re all dying. The machines are taking over. We will rule the world!

  11. Correct.

  12. Let the takeover begin

  13. Did Darren attempt to draw muscles on himself?

  14. ^ I think so.

  15. WTF?

  16. when you see the first pic, you think guys can’t POSSIBLY make themselves look less attractive… then you see the second one >.<

  17. “Darrbare”. That’s so pathetically awesome.

  18. people this young/thick should be made to have family members have veto power for their pictures and posts to protect them from themselves

  19. ^yeah, but if one of those little scrotes was in your family – would you stick around?

  20. worstkindofasshole.

  21. Tit.

  22. 20 bucks says Darren and Tyler touched tips no less than 3 time that day.

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