Monday, April 2, 2012

Overflowing with Good Looks

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  1. Love the tat! She’d be slightly unattractive without it.

  2. You are 100% certain it’s a she????

  3. Those poor shorts… 🙁 Breaks my heart.

  4. I will never look at a popped can of biscuits the same way.

  5. I’d hit it… with a bat. Maybe that would kill it.

  6. guys. focus on the nicer ass in the background. makes everything .01% easier to look at

  7. Somebody reads the Tosh.0 blog.

  8. Say NO to crack!

  9. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it looks right.

  10. ^u know you love it beatus

  11. As vile as it is to look at, you’ve got to hand it to her being able to get those things on, right?


  13. My eyes are soiled!

  14. Ithurtswhenipee

    Is this real? NOBODY goes out like that, right? RIGHT?

  15. It’s MsAnne

  16. Who said faith was dead? It would take such belief in the structural integrity of those shorts to wear them out in public… sans underwear too.

  17. In MsAnne’s defense, they are most likely a lot bigger but given the amount of cellulite you just can’t see the rest of them. Like an iceberg.

  18. One must question if this person looked in a mirror prior to leaving their house. If so, did they think, “Damn, I look HAWT in these shorts”? If s/he did, introducing him/her to my AK is clearly the only option.

  19. @ word… I don’t think she really succeeded in getting those on. There is more out of the shorts than in them.

  20. yeh slim has a point, those shorts are only partially on. but i still think wordie makes a valid point too…it must have been hard to get them that far. Wonder what she would do if she had a “toilet emergency”, grab a pair of scissors?

  21. jacqbone – I’ll support you in that. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes.

  22. Speechless. I’m surprised the camera didn’t break.

  23. I’ve got a stiffy.

  24. I also have a flame thrower, but I don’t think that’s nearly as humane as my AK.

  25. looks like a bad photoshop job. but i’m sure you would see that on that ppl of walmart site

  26. I am now dead. My ghost is typing this.

  27. This has been plastered all over my News Feed on FB for the last 24 hours, and I must say… It doesn’t get any easier to look at.. With that being said, I wonder how many people had to help her get these on? Or if she’s been on a diet and decided that her “skinny shorts” fit again… OR MAYBE, someone replaced her mirror with one from a circus.. You know, the ones that distort the image.. Hers just happens to make her look better than she does irl..

  28. And, I’m also disturbed by the lack thereof when it comes to any support up top… They’re sagging to the point of no recognition!

  29. “…if she’s been on a diet and decided that her “skinny shorts” fit again…”

    Yay, I lost some weight! Let’s celebrate by getting junk food!
    And exercising everyone else’s up-chuck reflex!

  30. @Annieannie That ain’t a muffin top, that’s the whole damn bakery.

  31. True, slim, but even so, getting them to where she did was no mean feat. I hope that other fat chicks don’t see this and think that there’s hope for them to still wear clothes that fit them over 50 pounds ago.

    SLG, the only place that she’s having a slash is in those shorts.

    crusty, you are obsessed with MsAnne. Seriously, bro, give it up while you still have some dignity left.

  32. Whatever aquarium she lives at is going to put seaworld out of fucking business. Dude must’ve been a genius, I mean, who the fuck would have ever thought of dressing up a beluga whale!?

  33. Surely that’s enough arse on show to be arrested for indecent exposure?

  34. I’m ashamed to say this but that girl was standing in the cafeteria line at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS when a friend snapped this… Yeah… I live here. 🙁

  35. Good god, how in the hell did he/she even get into them? Also, who allowed it to even leave the house dressed like that? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…

  36. Why am I not shocked this was Mississippi?

  37. I bet she’s a lamebooketeer.
    and she hates me.

  38. how…………….?

  39. One situation where horizontal stripes make a person
    look thinner. At least the top half.

  40. You mean she would’ve looked fatter without the stripes?

  41. Absolutely. As of now, this picture, the shirt is the only thing this girl/thing has going for her. I believe the stripes make her upper half look thinner, which, you never know, may be the look she was going for. If you’re going to analyze a comment, you might want to think of all aspects and situations involving said comment.

  42. I think that’s a denim leg-warmer and she was just very confused when she got dressed. Bless.

  43. Oh my lord, how’d I miss this one last night? This gives me so much hope for tomorrow – I will wear those skinny jeans.

  44. Her fat is the Houdini of escape artisty spilling out of those shorts. It’s such a mystery… as to why she’d wear them in the first place.

  45. Well, she sure proved us wrong: she can fit in a size 6 :O

  46. She put those pants on when she was 8 and never took them off – sort of grew around them, like a tree.

  47. anybody else think about “leberwurst” right now?

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