Thursday, December 24, 2009

Even More Christmas Cheer






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  1. first and this is lame.


    also anonisgay is a wanker

  3. How come the last one has no “comment” or “like” button? Did someone photoshop them out? Doug?

  4. That’s what Todd gets for stealing Santa’s cookies.

  5. Declan is hilarious

  6. Looks as if I will have to do Robin and Tabitha very fast and very hard…

  7. Laura neither can I (BS)

    Chris you are a tool

    Declan I’m pretty sure you life in your parents basement and are unemployed

    Robin, Doug and Tabitha I see that Bobby is noticably silent reagrding exactly WHO his soulmate is.

  8. sigh, typos suck, can I co home now?

  9. I give up, lol

  10. Considering they seem to refer to Bobby in the past tense, I don’t think he will be voicing his opinion anytime soon.

  11. I am jealous of Laura! I want to have Xmas at hooters!!!

    Lauren, might want to leave milk out with those cookies. I don’t why I have said such a thing but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out!

    Chris I would have said the same thing! *tips hat*

    Declan, get a PS3! Soooooo much better than the crap Monkey Scrotum (Microsoft) puts under your nose. Pfft bloody Xbox’s.

  12. I feel for Declan

  13. I have to admit, I laughed at declans. He worded it so well. haha

  14. You’ve got to give respect to Xbox kid, we know losers really do get that upset about their sex-replacement consoles, it’s just nice that somebody has finally admitted it.

  15. Declan, in a weird way, that was pretty damn funny, not lame. Still, I thank Lamebook for posting it

  16. Declans made me laugh. And that last one was plain confusing…


  18. I know something that would fix Declan’s problem.

    Get a fucken’ Playstation 3.

    Also, change your name you hippy, you sound like a bogan. The fact that you own an XBox backs my statement.

  19. @ kneenar

    lol shutup, pussy.

  20. Xbox affects one’s punctuation and spelling as shown above. He’s still classic anyway.

  21. Someone has their priorities right, apart from choosing xbox over PS3….no RROD for my christmas 🙂

  22. lol Declan, if my ps3 died i would feel exactly the same… and geez doug… way to make everything as awkward as possible :p

  23. Christ on a cracker

    Yo, Xbox & PS3 r fo pussies, Wii iz da mothafuckin, gangsta shiz! HALO and CALL OF DUTY can lick my crack!!

  24. Good one Declan, however you all have the wrong platform, buy a PC and get it right. It includes much needed functions like spell-check…

  25. Why is everyone doug knows bleeding?

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