Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bite Me


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  1. isnt this shit public domain, why cant we see faces?

  2. need more details to make this one lamebook worthy. i still dont think it should make the sight.

  3. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    You now gaze upon the “Wonder Bra” for those who cannot afford a braziere, and also helps with unemployment. Brought to you by the US Federal Government.

    If he quits, can I have his job?

  4. @OP, please post the other 23 pictures for us.

    They’re not.
    They are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    @knjgwb it’s normal to see titbiting pictures on your friends sites?
    they obviously just wanted an excuse to post tits on their site..this is the only one of my screenshots they’ve posted.

  6. @Everybody: They are not related. Im her friend on facebook. They are boyfriend and Girlfriend and have been dateing for like five years. I knew this girl in highschool and she had bit tits even then too. This is not lamebook worthy. Please post things we can laugh about not something that you posted just because you girls are jealous. k thnx.
    p.s This is a pic that does get me hard. Im looking at the other 23 pictures as we speak. any one guessing what im doing now? lolz

  7. slut fucking city. guessing she’s only 15-16.

  8. @xxsupersoftxx guessing you’re also 15-16 but an absolute pervert that uses women and has a new girl day to day and uses them as objects and will never come to his senses and treat them right until he’s about 60, when he’s a washed up sex addict that recently got erectile dysfunction and can’t find a woman to save his life.

    in other words, you’re a fucking douchebag asshole.

  9. @Kateypotter: I’m afraid to tell you that xxsupersoftxx is just like every other boy and man out there. Sure, your boyfriend will tell you he’s different, but if you could see his web browser history you’d be in for a surprise. Don’t hate us for it, pity us (but we do get a bit better as we get older)!

  10. Christ on a cracker

    Oh puuuuuh-lease, BITCH. Someone who has that kind of picture of themselves on FB, they’re begging for sweet sweet rape. I say do the dude before the chick but first you gotta record it and send me a copy! :d

  11. The guy blurred out in this pic looks like he’s MUCH older.. lol like really.. looks like her father or Uncle. Creeeppyyy

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