Monday, April 2, 2012

Dealer Dilemmas

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  1. This is from Colorado. This person probably has a red card for medical marijuana. In that case, the person is fine buying weed, asking to buy weed or whatever. Nothing illegal going on there. You can even NOT have a license and grow and sell for up to 6 plants per person if at least 3 people designate you their ‘caregiver’. MJ is harmless and should not be illegal anyway.

  2. If she had her license she’d be goin to a dispensary not askin other for it. (Also from co)

  3. That said, let’s hear it from the people who have seen this post before and will now complain about it…

  4. Man, I’ve seen this post before. I shall complain about it.

    Oh wait, that was somebody else.

    Damn that was some good weed.

  5. Fail. That’s not the number for the Golden police dept. “Tawnee” would likely hear a recording letting him/her/it know that he/she/it was calling the town of Golden and listing a bunch of options, which would probably prompt “Tawnee” to hang up and try someone else.

  6. Bill is a self sumbitting asshole. Live and let high, bitch.

  7. It would be better if it was the Sherriff’s cell phone number. Front desk isn’t all that funny.

    I once left a message for my boss that “Liz called and needed him to call back ASAP.” I then left the phone number for Buckingham Palace.

  8. A gram!?

  9. Why would he do her dirty like that though? He’s a ho for that.

  10. Yeah I’m with rubert. If Americans can buy weed in grams, then why not just go with the metric system? Surely 90% of the population would have this experience.

  11. “i need a gram” ?? who the fuck references pot like that, a gram, so, you smoke that gram in twenty seconds. now what? you need 75g’s of doritoes, the fuck

  12. Nobody buys weed in grams….

  13. 11: I agree, referencing it like that is stupid, but a gram of weed is (relatively) a lot larger than 75 grams of Doritos. It would take much longer than 20 seconds to smoke a gram of weed, unless you lit it and then swallowed it or something.

  14. If you don’t smoke weed then stop acting like you do, it is very common to buy it in grams if you don’t have a lot to spend. At least it is in the u.s. and To The Flames, ur a fucking idiot. DIE.

  15. A gram is easily enough for a one night blaze with a mate. Either 15 or so cones, or 2 decent spliffs.

  16. ^exactly

  17. Yeah maybe if you’re a junior high student with a curfew. notice you said ‘grams’ plural. You just cancelled your bitch ass out. Also stating you’re an American just made your point invalid

  18. ^why do you even bother?
    I mean, if the sparring partner is particularly dull and slow-witted enough, even crusty wins the occasional stoush…but you?! zilch. You are on a losing streak that backs up for months. So why keep at it? face it – you suck, dude.

  19. Oh sorry ? This is a competition? You must live a really awesome life to look forward to internet fighting./> sarcasmfont.
    I could insert a bunch of big words I looked up in a thesaurus, or make some obscure reference that no one gets, but some day you’ll realise how pathetic your life truly is.

  20. no, flamsie, it isn’t a competition – that would make it even worse.
    but please promise us you wont try and play with a thesaurus again – you remember how humiliating that was for you last time?

  21. …although you could try more lube this time. that might help.

  22. Oh right, I forget the U.S. is stupid as hell and refuses the metric system….

  23. hi, new here, but not really because I have been logging on for a long time and reading your comments and nothing has made me want to comment… except this. Seriously? People buy grams of weed ALL THE FROCKING TIME. It goes 1 gram, 2 grams, an eighth, a quarter, a half. An eighth has 3.5 grams in it. When purchasing weed, you always go by grams because you usually weigh it out when you get home anyways and convert whatever you get into the appropriate amount of grams to find out if you got ripped off or not. You obviously don’t smoke, ToTheFlames. A gram doesn’t last 20 seconds? WTF are you smoking if you do smoke? Dust?? If you can’t get stoned off a gram, you must be smoking the worst, most shwaggy shit ever. Rant done.

  24. chaosinthebuilding

    Especially in Darwin where u pay $30 for a gram .. Or try going out bush where $100 bucks will get u a quarter of a gram mixed with white ox .. everywhere is different sizes prices etc .. and if ya smoke the shit or ever have you would get that .. apparently TTF is an Aussie ?? well he should know fucking better .. Of course we have grams for sale here , sometimes they are called “sticks ” and if you are lucky you get them for twenty bucks and they chuck in a bit more .. I cant believe I had to explain that to another Aussie , apologies people for this guys ignorance !!

  25. ^ wow. you guys are so hardcore. thanks for the heads-up on the aussie dope scene.
    and why apologise for “this guys ignorance”, do you normally apologise for other people’s ignorance?
    because that would make you an idiot.

  26. Never said I was hardcore. I also never said I was Australian.

  27. oh but you are! you know why? ‘cos you smoke weed. and people that smoke weed are totally hardcore. even people that KNOW people that smoke weed are totally hardcore. because drugs are forbidden and thus deliciously naughty.
    have another bong and think about it. for a while…

  28. Lol, ok. Weed should be legal anyways, its far less intoxicating than alcohol, which is legal. Its less damaging to your health than prescription drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes… And I still dont think I am very hardcore. Maybe if I was shooting heroin into the underside of my toenails I could be one of the cool hardcore kids, but for now I just smoke herb. And if smoking weed makes you hardcore, my mom and grandma must be the OG’s of weedom, because theyve been hooked on the chronic for ages.

  29. i can’t dispute your position on alcohol vs pot, because that would make me an idiot.
    i know, your mum and grandma supply me my oz’s when we have our weekly get together.

  30. oh and… “but for now i just smoke herb”.
    hold your horses, young man. don’t you get any funny ideas.

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