Monday, April 2, 2012

Picture Perfect

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  1. Oh my fuck … wash your feet.

  2. ^ Still waiting for that funny one liner fella.

  3. ^you too, eh

  4. Well, that put me off my lunch. Fuck.

  5. Maybe we should just kill ourselves. You go first.

  6. What are those stupid little tattoos of?

  7. Ladies first, I insist.

  8. What’s going on in the third picture with all the cans?

  9. I’ve not a scoob. I thought it was maybe someone’s dorm bed and their housemates had played a prank. But that doesn’t seem quite right.

  10. Dawn of the Dan

    No no mercy.

  11. Yeah I was thinking a bed, but it’s really low down and wedged in between the wall and something else. Suppose it’s still possible though!

  12. Those feet don’t belong to the same person, do they? I’m confused… I thought I was the only one with fugly feet.

  13. Whatever is going on in pic#3, Ashér deserves it for having that stupid name, and for getting “your” and “you’re” mixed up.

  14. Shit before the shovel mass!

  15. Ok, kill yourself with a shovel then.

  16. i feel very very sorry for the kid in #2. How are we supposed to eliminate bullying when there are kids who just deserve a beating?

  17. Is it just me or does the guy in the second picture look like Dwight Shrutes love child?

  18. No you choke on shit first.

  19. Pretty much do whenever I read one of your comments.

  20. ^ Why do you eat shit while you read Lamebook comments? I’d suggest at least eating spicy pork rinds. They don’t taste exactly like shit, but they make your breath smell like shit, so others won’t know the difference. But at least this way you’ll be choking on spicy pork rinds instead of choking on shit. Just a thought…

  21. ^fail.

  22. The 3rd one looks like someone has placed all those Dr.Pepper cans between the bed frame and the mattress, creating a hilarious noise when Asher goes to rest his/her head.
    I’m with flames, not even remotely funny, beat.

  23. Just when you’d think that ugly feet could not get any more ugly… Exhibit one.


  24. Mass and crusty; Are you on your periods? Have they synchronized?

  25. Hawk .. I’ve tolerated your inane/mundane comments for quite some time. Having respectfully ignored you, I wish you would return the favour.

  26. I don’t know about the pop cans. If it were a bed with a bunch of cans on it I would think, oh! A non-funny joke. Then in a manner of 2 minutes I would have them in a recycling bin and TADA! Taken care of.
    Not really a case for calling someone a massive cun+ and hating them. I would save that for the guy who pukes in your closet, or shits your bed at a party.

  27. shi+s*

  28. That is one buffed unicorn.

  29. I never realized that so many people were such fans of pork rinds.

  30. Why are you censoring yourself @ teeko? Are you working for Jesus ?

  31. No, I work for peanuts

  32. that is because you are a fucking elephant.

  33. Oh that cuts me deep. Nothing to do now but run off with the circus. Although I do take consolation in the fact that I still have enough wits about me that I save important swear words to use for emphasis, rather than every day language. It’s what separates me from, say, you^
    But thanks for trying to get a reaction.

  34. mastodons who fail to appreciate the subtle beauty of a comment liberally laced with casual profanity can fucking suck my dick for being uptight assholes and wasting my internet on your cunting bullshit.

  35. That would have been more effective had you capitalized rather than emboldened.

  36. Nice one @ teeko . Yeah swearing online is fun. But to have every sentence followed up with a ‘cunt’ leaves your point invalid

  37. I disagree, teeko… Why wouldn’t you just use another word, instead of censoring your own shi+? You’re not really “saving” your profanity for later emphasis, just maiming its current usage.

  38. ^not even that. it just looks like a retard trying to use l337.
    there is not ONE (<-!) single person who doesn’t read ‘fuc+’ or ‘cun+’ as FUCK and CUNT.
    so why not just spell them correctly, you stupid, hypocritical fucking walrus?
    surely you must realise how terribly fucking wrong you are when flamies is the only one backing you up…

  39. I wasn’t aware we were choosing sides, little one. You really should try to work on your temper if a little thing like this can set you off.
    /goes off in search of mah buckit /

  40. wtf? you’re the poor uptight bitch who can’t fucking swear properly. So what bizarre fucked-up leap of non-logic thereby makes you imagine me to be angry?
    i find your idiocy hilarious – not aggravating – you’re not quite stupid enough to be truly aggravating.
    on the borderline, sure, but not quite there.

  41. Oh I can swear as much as the next lard-assed jerkwad, but why? There are so many other words to use.
    The first time I typed cun+ I had to use it in context, to repeat what the original post was about. Then I spelled shi+ because I thought it was funny. It’s allowed.
    I imagine you to be angry because the italics and emboldened words are what all the other grannies on your favorite Gardening website do when they get mad.
    Also, I can spell swear words correctly and I also know that a new sentence starts with a capital letter.

  42. really? “…because the italics and emboldened words are what all the other grannies on your favorite Gardening website do when they get mad.”?
    how does that even make sense? to your narrow, boring, stunted little world, perhaps.
    the one whereby you imagine this website to be held up as some shining beacon of Formal Literature – and not what it actually is (you stupid, stupid bitch) which is PROSE. which follows NO rules of Formal Literature.

    You, cuntbag, are a boring, sanctimonious sow, with no more right to live on this green earth than a weasel! Good Day to you!

  43. @mass You were much nicer before I slept with you….

  44. ^ You brought this upon yourself, you know. You must have been disappointing in the sack to warrant this level of anger.

  45. Oh f**k

  46. Everybody calm the fuck down…. I baked you cookies… now let’s all get along.

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