Friday, April 23, 2010

FANtastic Friday! (part 2)

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  1. Benders

  2. I just joined a group “This whole time I thought Hey Arnold’s shirt was a kilt”. CAUSE IT’S NOT. Is your mind blown?

  3. Lulz, I had nothing to say for this post but my mind is now genuinely blown.

  4. Although, a sandwich joke that doesn’t mention women? Lamebook, you spoil us.

  5. hmm… i don’t know what to make of these…

  6. “Milkshake Shanaynay” amuses me, as my little sister named one of my breasts Shanaynay when we were growing up. The left one was Shanequa.

  7. @EyeNoseU

    You said benders. 🙂 You mada meh happeh.

  8. Lulz, I just had to find that group and join it. I must say, I am completely and utterly shocked now. It’s making me question all my favourite childhood cartoons.

  9. I know. They even show a picture from the cartoon of him blatantly putting a blue sweatshirt OVER a red button down shirt. I just… I just don’t know anymore what to think.

  10. I feel your pain. I feel like my world has been turned upside down.

  11. And actually, the group is called “I Always Thought Hey Arnold’s Untucked Shirt Was a Kilt. WTF”

  12. drug testing is lame

  13. Lame.

  14. I saw the first one on Failbook about a week ago. However, I will forgive the repetition because I am also a teacher who likes having sex at work. Orgasms are how I keep my healthy glow on all day. Noone learns from an unfulfilled teacher.

  15. So that’s how Brian comes out of the closet ?

  16. I had to block God. That guy is going non-stop. His stuff just kept pouring into my newsfeed. Although it was pretty funny when St. Peter got his password and made him a fan of Hookers for Jesus.

  17. “Let’s face it, comedy’s a dead art form. Tragedy, now that’s funny.”

  18. God keeps trying to friend me despite my constant rejection. Just because I call his name when i’m in a “good” mood. Doesn’t mean I want to be his best friend. You know what I mean? He’s so damn needy.

  19. i love malteaser too

    Damn, that god guy is everywhere.

  20. the first one is on failbook as well…FAIL

  21. Stop complaining that it was on failbook. Failbook is a terrible website anyway.

  22. Master Frodo.

  23. i love malteaser too

    Girls, don’t be swayed by god. You may think he touches your heart, but you know these boys and what they _really_ want to touch.

  24. God gets around

  25. I like that one of the ads to the left has three guys lifting up their shirts to show their abs….they look so proud to be grating them some sweet cheese.

  26. i thought abs were supposed to a six pack… not a cheese grater. think i’ll steer clear of those guys. ouch.

  27. I wonder how long it took for Brian to notice that these days on FB you can’t “like” that one of your friends likes It Up The Ass without liking It Up The Ass yourself.

  28. Lol, well that should be good though, in fact all gay men should do it to make things easier on themselves. I’m sure nothing sucks more then being a top and taking a top home. Awkward. Also, cheese grater abs? I have to wonder if people who say those things has seen a cheese grater. Nothing sexy about them.

  29. The god one was funny. the rest of them I could have done without. Especially 4/21 national drug test day. what kind of a tool became a fan of that?

  30. Where’s Sensible Madness on the God comments?
    Soup ftw.

  31. LOL @ Soup. That is funny.

  32. The link for #2 is the wrong link, it goes to the original page.
    This is the correct link:!/pages/Dear-ghetto-moms-Id-hire-your-kid-named-Shanaqualeesha/103899089651020?ref=ts

  33. @pelicant
    Best. Movie. Ever. An American comedy worth watching.

  34. lol @cheese grater abs… they are mixing up their household applicances and I think they mean washboard abs… but who can be sure with failed people. 😛

  35. Either way it’s too late, he already became a fan of it and got caught. Poor thing. I love that Lamebook gives us the option of joining… personally I don’t want a facebook post on here. Nor do I want to join something that has already been dubbed lame. Could just be me though.

  36. lol

    The first one is hilarious <3

  37. Okay at first I was thinking Matthew needed shot in the ass with the Hulk’s dick. But then it hit me, there were a lot of hot teachers at my school.

    I had to change my pants after seeing Brian’s. Way to go Lamebook!

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