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  1. Chewbacca shagger

    Hehehehehe. Rangas are funny.

  2. I prefer the term blood nut

  3. sooooo many people have assumed it’s non-fictitious lol
    it’s absolutely hilarious material though

  4. Yep, I am an Aussie,
    and to those who are making gross generalisations of us being racist…. um, how about you fuck off? Yeah, Thanks.

    My mum’s gay, her partner is a brit, my brother is Muslim, my sister-in-law is Malaysian so my nephew and niece are half asian.

    If that doesn’t show you how multicultural we are then I don’t know what does.

    The fact is that most people take our sense of humour the wrong way. I agree that sometimes it’s a bit borderline, but for fuck’s sake, lighten up, assume everything we say is meant as a joke and Viola! you don’t end up getting offended.
    If you can’t laugh it off, there’s something wrong with you. If an aussie is polite and well mannered it means they really don’t like you, the more rough and rude we are to you, the more we like you. Deal with it.

  5. Read that on Sickipedia a week ago…

  6. Mild Racism is funny? Ginger people are not.

  7. Lol. Token Kiwi at 39 is “Finn”. What is that entire fucking country in Crowded House?

  8. I think ginger jokes and Irish jokes are hilarious….. and, yes, I’m both of the aforementioned

  9. a drunk fantapants. I’d feel sorry for you if I wasn’t laughing at your misfortune.

    I am an Aussie of Irish decent, and boy I am pale as fuck.

  10. Terry the Chocolate Orange huh? I’m getting a mental picture of the guy from Yo Gabba Gabba… *Chortle*

  11. @ gingerspecs.

    I’m sure you are just retarded and think you are Irish because your parents once went to Ireland. You Americans….

  12. duplicate v____v

  13. @50 love the Tori reference!

  14. Hey bender…
    Did you mean: ridiculous
    1. Urban Dictionary: rediculous
    rediculous – 9 definitions – The alarmingly common misspelling of [ridiculous].

  15. you’re all arguing as to whether the post could be australian or american, based on whether ‘g i n g e r’ is an accepted term there. also there are posts mentioning terry being a good name, or suggesting ‘toby’s chocolate orange’? irony? i’m not sure. but the fact is, ‘terry’s chocolate orange’ is the trademarked name of a chocolate snack in england.

    so unless you have that in america or australia, and were aware of aforementioned confectionery, then you’re all utterly wrong, barking up the wrong tree, and missing some (if not the (orange) essence) of the joke.

  16. the guy has named himself “pimpmachine” I hate him for that.

  17. This person didn’t really get fired over anything, it’s a joke from Sickipedia.

    Shouldn’t even be on lamebook.


  19. gemmi: I was thinking of Jaffas too!
    babaedsheep: I’m a kiwi too, but not called Finn 🙂 My house isn’t crowded either.
    Infect: Hell yeah.

  20. Will never again look at Terry’s Chocolate Oranges quite the same.

  21. All Americans who gets offended by Village Idiots’ comment are Frodo.

  22. I want to go to Australia…

  23. alordslums, we DO have them in America! I just had one last month. The joke doesn’t really make much sense if you don’t know what they are. I just thought that Kamelita was being completely thick in thinking that no one in America uses the term ginger. I don’t care where the hell the joke originated from; it CLEARLY wasn’t from “Pimpmachine.” With a name like that, you don’t have the luxury of being clever.

  24. 54 KAOSS, you took the words out of my mouth, thank you. It amazes me how so many things turn into a race and country issue. Does it really matter what country he’s from?

    I found it funny though

  25. “Ginger” is hardly ever used in the US, but has become more popular since the South Park episode. Also, this type of humor and knowledge of chocolate oranges are rare in the US.

    Pimpmachine is from the UK. Very easy to find on FB.

  26. I don’t watch South Park, but I surmise there was an episode about gingers. I didn’t know I was such a rarity.

  27. I simply cannot believe that no one has asked if the carpets match the drapes.
    Come on people!!

  28. Antarctic Circle

    @ Anitalaff – just spilled the proverbial coffee all over the desk… thanks!

  29. OMG will the people whinging about sickipedia stfu already! We get it, you saw it first ~ somebody call the waaahmbulance!

  30. So much anger in this thread that needs to be fucked out

  31. PaulD, you are so right 😛

  32. Omg, I wonder if that’s my whore next door Neighbor?
    She’s such a ginger whore. Annnd now she’s pregnant.
    Hey, if you’re reading this; STFU everyone in the building can hear your obnoxious sex. And clean out your vagh, we can smell it from here.

  33. @fingerman

    I stand corrected. Thank you good sir.

  34. Harden the fuck up.
    It’s not just a cool saying,
    It’s a way of life.

  35. Actually it was pretty rare to hear an American call a redhead a ginger until after the South Park episode, and even now it’s still fairly rare. I do think that was a pretty stupid reason to fire someone though. You shouldn’t lose your job over being a rude jerk. It was pretty funny though.

  36. For all you fails that think this is true, it’s a joke off sickipedia (, along with almost every other joke from facebook statuses 🙂

  37. lol @ PaulD.

    I know the English like to call redheads “Gingers”, where us Aussies call them “Rangas” like most have pointed out already. I love how ex-patriate Australians become less Aussie the farther they move away from Australia.

    I’m would almost bet my left nut TinyDancer is Germaine Greer!!! Offers nothing constructive, but spreads plenty of vitriol and stereotyping.

  38. Thats 2 so far today said to be from sickipedia.

    NOTE to self: check out sickipedia – thats some funny sh*t, I don’t care who ya are.

  39. Ginger here, that’s fucking hilarious

  40. They should have given her a bonus!

  41. whawha “They should have given her a bonus!”

    More like a raise and a bonus! Then, terminated the other chick for fucking a chocolate orange!

  42. I know it’s a bit of a late reply, but this status is a joke that was taken from my Sickipedia profile.

    Check it out and vote it up if you enjoy any, cheers

    PS. For the record, I’m from the UK.

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