Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh Man Hunt


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  1. […] Pro Tweets Speaking of Lamebook, awesomest manhunt ever – Carnage4Life – Wed 09 Dec 20:24 0 […]

  2. I actually think I’ve seen that guy with the pixelated face a fair few times on this very website :O The problem is they always blur his name out πŸ™ It’s like he doesn’t want to be a dad!

  3. Can’t get much classier than this, Sally! WTG!

  4. When I want to find lost people, I too include a picture of the person from the side only.

  5. The classier option would have been to include a picture of his penis, with special attention to defining features such as moles or ingrown hairs. I’m sure someone would have recognised it.

  6. @wilson

    I assumed this was the only photo they had of the guy.

  7. This reminds me of a previous lame post from a girl who had a status that was like, “who did I have sex with last night, I may be pregnant.” Or something like that.

  8. I hope they never find him. Someone that stupid deserves what they get.

  9. HenriettaPseudonym

    I got invited to this group, so I can confirm it did exist at one point. However, after reading the comments on it, it became clear it was a joke between her and her friends (with friends like that, who needs enemies, eh?), who’d done it for a laugh after she didn’t remember kissing him the night before, despite the fact that there is photographic evidence.

  10. Bang and run!!! LMAO

  11. It would be a lot easier to abort the baby I mean it would help reduce the rate of growth of the human population which is desperately needed.

  12. Atheismo, show us the example and start reducing the human population begining with yourself.

  13. Voltron2000 FTW!!!!

  14. I don’t understand how everyone is taking this seriously! It was obviously a joke that got very popular very quickly and everyone found out about it.

  15. guys! get over urselves it was a joke!! and we found him so NER! oh, for any one hu interested tho, i am now pregnant by his brother πŸ˜€

  16. whats with being moderated? There was nothing wrong with my comment!!!!

    @smellsmore: what’s next? your grandma gets knocked up by his grandpa?

  17. what a whore lol

  18. lmao TRUE ^

  19. Ok, I have to clarify something for all the people ho have commented.
    I personally know Sally, and she isn’t pregnant and never has been. We created this group for the hillriousness of it (and at the time it really was). In fact initially Sally didn’t even know we had done it.
    Sorry to disappoint all of you, the joke was obviously wasted, however LONG LIVE THE OUTRAGEOUS NESS OF SMELLSMORE!!!!
    πŸ˜€ we love antics Sally!

  20. ^ this must be Sally’s publicist. Shoo fly, we wants to giggle!

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