Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some Quickies

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  1. smokecrack0fuckchickens

    Again, no stever!

  2. Nikita, you’re lack of proper Grammar would only be more suicidal thought provoking at 25. 😀
    Others are cool.

  3. OMFG … nice outfit K. Are you the fat, black Genie?

  4. K makes me wanna vomit.

  5. Oh my God, I didn’t even bother to glance at the picture, and figured it was blurred out. 🙁 She makes me want to develop an eating disorder.

  6. LOL @ fat, black Genie.

    “long, romantic walks to the fridge” – classy.

  7. Try not to misuse a contraction while criticizing someone’s lack of proper grammar.

  8. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Try not to misunderstand a joke while criticizing someone’s misuse of a contraction while criticizing someone’s lack of proper grammar.

  9. Oh No! bad grammar! What a terrible, terrible thing. Forget about Jeffrey, she should kill herself because of that! leave the country and start a new life, Jeez. Using ‘you’re’ instead of your, how dare she! your completely right. Oh no, now i’ve used the wrong ‘your’, well we had a good run guys I’m off to hang myself

    Also, if someone made black genie’s profile as a joke, they are a mastermind comedian in the making. If it wasn’t, then could someone please direct me to her phone number because I have a thing for obese black chics who hook up in taco bell bathrooms….that’s normal right?

  10. someone please explain the first one to the idiot over here. does it have something to do with the cure?

  11. This is lamebook, you’re not supposed to understand why things are funny, in fact I’m pretty sure that lamebook decided to stop doing that whole ‘funny’ thing a while back and go in a different direction entirely.

  12. @Jonjones lol, point taken. Jeffrey *insert generic 40 year old virgin joke*

    I take it you were a big fan of Precious, then?

  13. Only the porno version. I found the actual film to be a little pretentious and over-acted, the actors in the porn version had none of those problems…well they might’ve been a little pretentious.

  14. K is the winner 🙂 And nice tits btw.

  15. seledoux, i think it’s just that she’s in a new relationship every week.

  16. Gee, a young girl who feels that she’s more mature than her peers. I wonder if she’ll start dating an older guy who, like, totally understands her.

  17. Thanks jr888 I didn’t get what was funny about #1 either. Now you’ve explained, I still dont get what’s funny.

    And K …. what the hell are you wearing!

    And on a completely different note – can’t believe it’s only FUCKING WEDNESDAY!

  18. Someone explain number one to me, please? Seems like no one has given an explanation yet.

    Keona, that joke is in poor taste. Eating disorders are not a joke. Also, if you don’t think binge eating/over eating is an eating disorder, you’re crazy.

    Not eating is just as unhealthy as eating too much. Bad joke, bad. The fact hat someone is over weight shouldn’t horrify you.

  19. ^ living up to the screen name.

  20. K got so hungry on that long walk to the fridge that she ate the whole fucking thing when she got there.

    Fat women wearing sexy lingerie is a bit like rolling a lump of shit in glitter, it looks nice and shiny but it’s still a steaming pile of faeces at the end of the day.

    Just for the record I like my shit to shine.

  21. Amen to that brother.

  22. @18
    LOL, ah buzzkillington you are truly a comedy genius, ‘fat people shouldn’t horrify you’, I laughed at that one for hours and ‘over-eating is an eating disorder’ classic…classic well done.

    Just to make sure everyone gets the message though; fat people should horrify you, it’s best to ostracize them until they lose the weight. Any fat person who tells you they are beautiful or that they have an eating disorder is a liar and should be beaten on sight.

  23. The first one is in reference, I’m assuming, to how often she gets into and then gets out of relationships.

    I think in the case of that post, it would be much more funny if you knew the person and understood what they were like.

  24. sexclamationpoint56

    i may not be turned on by K’s pic but i would bang her cuz of her take on food anyday. it would be great, we could have eating contests at taco bell, and long romantic walks to the fridge, and afterwards i could bury my face in those bean bags that she calls boobs whilst she is eating the new XXL chalupa cuz that gets me all hot and sweaty

  25. MsBuzzkillington is nothing if not consistent. You have to hand it to her.

    Imamofo, I love that. You’re a dirty, dirty bastard, but by God, you’re funny. In these lean Lamebook times, you make the visit all worthwhile.

  26. Thanks Word, nice to see you’re still about.

    Ear sex?

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