Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let It All Out…

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  1. boy, rachel seems like a smart cookie… amirite?

  2. Some people really don’t have any idea of decency. Why the fuck would you tell facebook you had an STD?! The dog dutch oven thing made me literally lol though. It’s nice to be able to say lol and actually mean it.

  3. Where the heck is Stever?!

    Rachel wins this, hands down!!

  4. Is Juniors dick a racist that dresses in white sheets?

  5. Thanks for trying Roy, but you’re just not reaching her.

  6. Yeah, Rachael. They all want to know, and then touch themselves to the image that forms in their heads

  7. Well no wonder Rachael has an STD. Not only does she not know a damn thing about personal space, but she thinks douching will actually help things out. I’m not sure if she thinks it’ll prevent another or cure the current, but either way, she’s a winner.

    The fact that there’s “The Toilet” as a location to check into made me laugh.

  8. Some would call Rachael’s post TMI, I call it fair warning – men of Facebook take note where NOT to stick it.

    And thanks for the play-by-play there Tiff.

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