Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dr. Love

Dr. Love

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  1. poor girl done lost her mind.

  2. What a whore. I bet her and her friends are ugly.

  3. Sebastian the Crab from Little Mermaid

    I bet shes fun to hangout with

  4. I wish she would stop being such a douchebag, and I ALSO know when people aren’t telling the truth: dentists don’t refer to their patients as projects, let alone ask them out on a date.

  5. Rapey and creepy dentists refer to their patients as projects and ask them out and prescribe Oxycodone for dental work. (OC is only intended for terminally ill patients). I actually believe this woman, and would guess her dentist is just really creepy. Hope someone from the insurance company finds out and gets them both fined for fraud.

  6. @Jason: I have a bottle of oxycodone next to me, and all I had was lung surgery…

  7. LOL! she probably just wanted to make someone jealous so she fabricated a story about how this dentist asked her out on a date. $20 says there was no date in the end. What a loser.

  8. ‘whose the fing MILF now!’

    i nearly wet myself.

    chances are she’s more gum than teeth which is why he likes her…

  9. slut magee

  10. Chances are it’s a bullshit story, a dentist wouldn’t jeopardise their registration and forgo a thousand dollar dentist bill for an ugly single mum with ugly friends and a horse mouth, just not worth it. Jason, Oxycodone is not prescribed only for terminally ill patients, i administer it about 10 times a day to people I am trying to get better after surgery.

  11. ‘wicked crazy stuff done to my mouth’ I’d be using a whole lot of mouthwash tonight if I were her. lol…

  12. @Jason – yeah it’s a dangerous drug but not just for the terminally ill. Meant for chronic pain, ideally as a last resort because it’s so addictive.

    But, more importantly, that dentist is a douche, that girl is lame, and this site is hilarious.

  13. I wish the images weren’t blurred out. Sometimes they speak better than the words themselves.

  14. laughing Hysterically

    Lol@marC – “chances are she’s more gum than teeth which is why he likes her…”

    ive never heard of oxycODON? only oxyCOTIN.. >_<

  15. Wow, seriously? She’s getting free dental when ‘nothing is wrong’ with her teeth. I guess she didn’t get the hint when he said he’s ‘experimenting’ on her. Wonder what he did wrong to cause the bleeding

  16. Oxycodone=Oxycontin.If this is true,that’s like using a gun instead of a fly swatter.I had Vicodin after impacted wisdom tooth removal;that was harsh enough.Oxycodone is generally used after surgeries,and yes,for terminally ill patients.

  17. vicodin and oxycodone are generally on the same level. Its percoset (sp?) that is the big painkiller. I got oxycodone after hitting going through a car windshield, so it cant be for just terminal patients.

  18. Carrot Treaties

    Percocet is NOT the “big painkiller”.
    The best you are going to get with Percocet is 10mg. of Oxycodone.
    Throw in some Tylenol for good measure and there ya have it.
    There are many more opiate based pain relievers out there.
    Percocet is a relative light weight among them.
    Last resort or not, opiate based medications work.

  19. her dentist did “wicked crazy stuff” to her mouth and THEN asked her on a date. she moves fast.

  20. “Free be”. L!O!L

  21. Oxycontin is the slow release version of oxycodone. Its about 2.5 times stonger than morphine.

  22. i think it s the drugs from her dental work talking. 🙂

  23. She is DELUSIONAL! If her “teeth aren’t even that bad” The dentist would not of gave her Oxycondone – maybe Tylenol 3’s at the most. The dentist didn’t ask her out, her dental work wasn’t “free”, and she’s probably not even a “milf”!! Just a fugly mom who’s down on herself trying to make some guy jealous!

  24. Isn’t a dentist asking out his patient a violation of some ethical code? If she’s smart she’ll sue the creep.

  25. If? Lol, the dentist is safe.

  26. HAHA, is she really that dumb? She’s either lying or he’s a serial killer or just wants to get laid.

  27. Christ on a cracker

    Mmmm all this talk about drugs is making me want to go the ‘hood and get some…

  28. Moron you think they only sell drugs in the hood just go to any college or high school they can hook you up lol.
    You fail at trying to act black wigger

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