Thursday, July 16, 2009

4 Months Down

4 Months Down

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  1. Oh. So this is love.

  2. I was so hoping for a breakup at the end.

  3. can’t wait for the marriage, then kids, then divorce updates…

  4. I don’t get it.

  5. Matt, I *almost* thought he was going to break up with the comment about her vacation.

  6. But if you notice, Dan stopped replying (or at least in a Lamebook-worthy way) after May 7th. Something tells me he will eventually snap from all the cooing.

  7. love means never having to say anything intelligent.

  8. Are they twins? ? ?Grosss!

  9. I just puked in my mouth after reading this.

  10. What-am-I-doing-here?

    “If I only I could tell you how much I love u!” Um… what was all that crap about then?

  11. Jesus fucking Christ. I too threw up a little into my mouth. These two are exactly what lameboko is all about. Idiots.

  12. *lamebook. Not lameboko.

  13. Now I know why people kill other people.

  14. it’s not love till you made the whole world feel sick

  15. I would like to puke on a puppy.

  16. So was Daniel killed in a bear mauling and everyone forgot to tell Vanessa?

  17. Lol 4 months

  18. Are the twins screwing each other or did they just meet 4 months ago?????

  19. They way I’ve interpreted this is that they are having a relationship over the internet which is why Vanessa keeps saying she has to be in the library (internet acsess?)all day.
    Then there is something incestuous at the end?

  20. Judging by the cheesy shit that preceded it, I’m guessing she meant twin as in twin soul, like a soul mate.

    Like lol OMG they totally both wear headphones 12 hours a day. It was meant to be.

  21. Ew. I love that he stops replying to her. It makes her look ten times more desperate and pathetic than she is already.

  22. This is a prime example of a stage 5 clinger.

  23. o gross i just threw up all over my computer reading this FUCKING SHIT!!!

  24. good lord, make her stop..

    @Ellen: haha yes, yes it does

  25. Ugh, she started out typing fairly normally, and her grammar and spelling got worse once she continued to go on and on about how much she loved him!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Daniel got incredibly annoyed with all of her comments repeatedly saying she loves him over and over.

  26. FYI, pookie is pussy in my 1st language. so..

  27. Help me God

  28. How can you have a month *anniversary*?

  29. My husband and I have been together for 11 years and the difference between this and our relationship is a simple one. We never talk like this. We do however laugh ourselves silly at people who talk like this. Everyday is hilarious.

  30. Penny – I so agree

  31. How can he still be with her?

  32. I think Vanessa raped her keyboard or something, considering the amount of crap she just wrote.
    And I like how Daniel only commented twice.

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