Wednesday, July 15, 2009

-O.M.G.- (this) *is* [L A M E]


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  1. This is what Christopher Walken’s thought’s look like on paper

  2. haha or William Shatner

  3. I wonder if people do stuff like this and turn themselves in, because this is ridiculous, GET A LIFE!!

  4. this would make a great britney song

  5. dude, when i read that like Christopher Walken, i about shat myself laughing

  6. oh my gosh i couldn’t even get through this

    …and the Christopher Walken comment was just too freaking funny

  7. This makes me angry…like really angry. People like this should never be allowed near a computer.

  8. the fact that two people like this makes it even worse

  9. This chick’s name is Kennedy. And her two friends who liked the note are named Dani and Madison. That’s about the waspiest triad ever.

  10. ^Agreed. These people are just as idiotic as the person who wrote this. Like I really don’t get it do people think it’s cool to totally fuck with the English language?

  11. why is this called “Here’s to YOU”? Its clearly all about this chick and no one else. And what is a heronie?

  12. Micheal and Rick for the win!

  13. fuck I just spewed everywhere…gotta clean up

  14. i feel bad for this poor kid !

  15. Blumpkins4McCain

    fucking fags man

  16. LOL disregard that last post guise, i’m just pissed he won’t let me blow him LOL!

  17. if you don’t wanna get bulimia DO NOT read this! you’ll immediately start vomiting!!

  18. I thought of Woody Allen as I read this.


  20. The Walken reference was sheer brilliance.

  21. In the words of President Abraham Lincoln, what a douche.

  22. Ugh, I HATE when people use unnecessary punctuation like that! They *are* complete [morons].

  23. I was just trying to read this to a friend and had to stop before I gouged my eyes out. Exhausting!!!

  24. Dani, and Madison, please go die.

    but on another note, i’m really curious… what do the acronyms n.o.t. and d.o.n.t. stand for?

  25. shutup luckyjew u suck

  26. Mark- this part of the page is called the ‘comments’ section. It is called this so that people can write their own opinions on the topic. Get a life, you douche.

  27. I’m lovin the comment “about the waspiest triad ever” — can I steal it?

    God bless lamebook!

  28. Joydivisionthecure

    I resent that my generation is filled with dumbfucks like these.

  29. yeah @ #1 I just peed my pants laughing… I can totally imagine him saying all this shite… ROFLMAO

  30. I thought of the Bennett Brower Chris Farley sketch, if you replace all the asterisks with air quotes.

  31. Ah, she’s like a modern and braindamaged E.E. Cummings. Lovely.

  32. So she’s like a modern ee cummings?

  33. I find this more annoying to read than 1337 speak.

  34. “Some *campers* are bad for *games*”

    This guy is completely legit. If he is an Orz from the Star Control series that is.

  35. IDK what’s worse…
    If typing
    LiK3 Diz
    Or typing
    [like] *this*

  36. I liked it. I thought it was poignant and poetic.

  37. Poignant and poetic? You wouldn’t happen to live in a college town coffee shop and dress completely in clashing shades of BLACK would you? Or maybe you’re planning to be an Indie Films major in college? Simply because these are the ONLY two reasons I can come up with that you would use the words “poignant” or “poetic” to discribe this pathetic attempt and literary depth.

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