Monday, July 27, 2009

Classy Girl Ya Got There Anthony



Val, girl, you are not the first to pull this amazing prank! One time I bought this cute boi an 800 dollar bracelet (cause every girl knows the way to a man’s heart is through expensive jewelry). So I go online expecting his relationship status to say “single” but guess what?! Instead I find a picture of his gf giving him a HAND JOB in the back of a ’98 Ford Taurus while wearing the bracelet!! I was like sooo pissed off! Ugh. So props to you Val, I’m sure that skank will lay off now.

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  1. LMAO!! The comment in the blue box is hilarious!!

  2. 1. that should of been taken in the back of a pickup truck and 2. he needs a mullet.

  3. i’m just having trouble getting over the fact that someone would sleep with someone else who had such awful skin. thank God it’s mostly blurred out- but look at that forehead! ugh! and the fact that 2 girls are “competing” for him is completely baffling!

  4. spider jeruselum


    Acne, bad hair, and earrings. That’ll show that trifling bitch.


  5. Her toe nail looks like it belongs to a raptor or some damn thing

  6. ben all aids is bad n that pic YUCKKKKKK blurghhh there goes my brekki 🙁

  7. @qp: that lovely diddy is “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent. “If you’ll be a nypho, I’ll be a nympho!” Love songs always make me cry.

  8. Wow, those are some serious forehead craters.

  9. Uuuummm… where’s the necklace??

  10. i WISH you could see his face!!!! Wonder what he’s expression is like, @Lamebook editors – you have the best job ever!!

  11. Fucking dbag! Chick appears to have a nice tan calf!

  12. 1 word for the dude. DERMATOLOGIST.

  13. were the hell is the necklace? hhhmmmmmmmmm……

  14. her boyfriend looks fucking disgusting.

  15. @64 Yeah, dude needs to get some scrub or some astringent or something.

  16. ummm.. He’s not even wearing the necklace….. 😛

  17. where to start, first off hes not “pretty” second of all I see no necklace , Im hoping he pawned it for some proactive though and a little thing we call self respect.

  18. ROFLMAO for real @ talons like a velociraptor, best comment ever #44

  19. OMG HE REALLY HAS A THIRD LEG!!! It’s quite smooth, might I add.

  20. Now, THAT’S class for you.

  21. The ONLY thing about this picture that looks remotely like they could be having sex is the fact that her leg is on his shoulder. He could be fucking her or he could be painting his fingernails for all we know. There is nothing about this picture that screams “WE’RE SO IN LOVE!” And even though his face is blurred out, he still doesn’t look even a little bit like he’s enjoying this uber passionate and loving embrace.

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