Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wanted: This Photo, Deleted


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  1. I think its because of her big boobs that make the sleeves weird, its kind of like dragging her down.
    Shell have back problems in a few years, and probably herpes if she keeps putting stuff like this up.

  2. yeah, i totally wish i could have that stuffed moose… i can take it, really? address plz?

  3. Wow… shes got big breastages! 😀

  4. i would

  5. hahahaha i think this is my ex gf, her tits were not that big when we dated but she apparently did get fat(ter)


  7. I would love your 5 year old play room too.

  8. mmmm, I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

  9. Her breasts look photoshoped.

  10. I’d hit that all day long… teddy bears watching, too.

  11. She loves her little caption at the top.

  12. Vincent Truman July 31st, 2009 at 10:58 am


    July 30th, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    … some of the comments on lamebook should be posted up on lamebook


    Bob ftw.


    This needed to be reiterated.

  13. Nice chest hams. I’d be her boyfriend for about two hours.

    “The money’s on the dresser, baby. I through with you.”

  14. Nice chest hams. I’d be her boyfriend… for about two hours.

    “The money’s on the dresser, baby. I through with you.”

  15. #23 ftw

  16. Fred, ur a sick bastard! funny, but sick 😛

  17. If this is the girl I think it is I went to school with her. She has massive tits and a busted face. I have it on good authority one time at a party she put a Suave shampoo bottle up her hoo hah. If this isn’t Nicole Parkinson from Cromwell, OK, my bad.

  18. Just to be clear about that shirt. The sleeves are called “cap sleeves” and yes, they are lame. That style of sleeve can be found on any t-shirt bought at Walmart, Target or “I think I’m so effing wonderful” teeny-bopper mall store. But judging by the uber lame saying on it…I’m going to say this was probably a Walmart buy. And if she really is 20 and has stuffed animals displayed all over her room like that…that’s really kind of desperate and creepy. How does she expect any guy to feel comfortable fucking her with all those eyes looking at him?

  19. I am glad that other people also picked up on how stupid that shirt is. She probably got it at Walmart/Target or a store in a mall like Justice for $7.99, and she thought it was just the coolest thing! -_-

    She’s probably never had a real relationship, the shirt probably has a hole in it after 1 wash, and 3 years from now she will still be wearing it, along with ugly bedazzled jeans!

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