Friday, January 28, 2011

On the Plus Side…

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  1. Ben

  2. And these were kinda funny!


  4. Leroy Jenkins ?

    I don’t get the “dancing with the stairs” reference. . .

  5. How long does it take for a white woman to take a shit?…. about nine months.

    Does anybody else remember when dog shit used to be white?

  6. 4, are you retarded?

  7. The last one’s lame, why would they hate being made of meat? o_O They just don’t eat it.
    Kraig’s comment was a bit more logic and funny.

  8. Dancing with the Stairs! HAHAHAHAHAHA I really hope it’s an original joke.

  9. True, someoneelse, but he spells his name “Kraig,” so he loses whatever points he earned with the joke.

  10. win7ermute, unless I’m mistaken, the “Dancing with the Stairs” thing is about making the teenage moms fall down the stairs so their babies will die. Pretty fucked up, if you ask me, unless they mean something else, in which case I’m the fucked up one for thinking of that.

  11. Oh thank goodness. These were pretty funny. Thank you friday posts!

  12. So yeah, the “dancing with the stairs” one made me laugh, which seals it – I’m going to hell.

  13. im my gf got pregnant she gonna go on that show…

  14. Kraig, dork.

  15. someoneelse, don’t be stupid, vegetarians hate all animals for being made of meat, and that’s why… to not be… cruel to the animals they hate… they don’t… eat them… fuck you Laura, you dipshit.

  16. Speaking of reality shows… an old friend of mine from high school was actually in a reality show. She was one of the extras in the back round at a party of who ever they were filming.

    They asked her and her friends if they wanted to do their own reality tv show; something to do with blonds but they had to come up with a good idea and pitch it to the production company.

    I hope it happens because then I will know someone famous.

  17. Now I feel mean. Maybe I should have a pop at Kraig too, just to even things out.

  18. Hobo, I should have done the same with Laura. But we’ve covered it between the two of us, so it’s all good.

  19. 11 fucktards liked Laura’s joke? The first one was a joke? Brandon is a fucktard too.

  20. I thought there would be a bunch of white people jokes in here. Sad.

    How many white people does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    None, they hire someone from outside of home depot to do that shit!

    Two white people walked into a bar….
    And they had a couple of beers and did not rob the place

  21. The number of people required to perform a task is inversely proportional to their ability to carry out said task. Not directly proportional. It would require an infinite amount of white girls to screw in the bulb if they can’t do it.

    Just carrying on the trend of explaining at length the reasons why a joke doesn’t hold, with a little added meta-commentary to help me sleep well tonight.

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