Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good Point

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  1. The 2nd one made me laugh.

  2. Oh, and fisting.

  3. There’s a passage in James saying that all sins are equally bad, so in fact post 1 is biblically correct.

  4. so a vernacular translation of that biblical passage is

    and the lord said “you will be fire ruled upon those with fake goods in the express checkout lane.”

    Yeah, totally makes sense.

  5. Yeah course the bible makes sense, some chick gets pregnant by an invisible all-powerful source. She gives birth. He’s the son of “God”. Humans are too thick to realise this small fact and they kill him. So once he ‘s gone, they wrote a book about it and convinced millions that it was a good idea.

  6. ‘Krogerinthians 3:13’ was kind of funny. Kroger is a grocery store in the Mid-West.

  7. crusty, you are the God of missing points

  8. mad2, that can’t be right. That would mean that hypocrisy and child abuse are just as sinful as sex before marriage…or…or homosexuality! But we all know that fornicators, particularly the gays, are children of Satan!!

    Maybe that verse in James is one of the allegorical parts of the bible, not one of the literal parts!

  9. crusty, you not only missed the point but obviously know nothing about the bible or the story of Christ.

  10. Yeah, crusty. You missed the part about Jesus turning into a zombie. Sheesh, study up on the story of Christ already!

  11. I sense a religious argument coming on.

  12. [*prays for religious argument*]

  13. #12 = bwah!

  14. As long as your praying for something. Jesus would have had a nice chuckle over this 😀

  15. Jordaan is my brother. He’s going to shit bricks when he sees this

  16. Y u not know English usage, Phil?

  17. Hey smeggers, can I get Jordaan’s autograph? I’ll sell it on eBay and everything.

  18. Get me a link to that auction when you get it up, Bacchante. I’m willing to pay at least a couple thousand for that autograph, if not more.

  19. Will do, if the @dmins let me post a link!

  20. Haha, very funny. Like he’s ever sober enough to sign an autograph.

  21. Y u not teach me oh rebellious one? I r waiting for you’re to ad vice!

  22. What planet is Josh on?

  23. ^prison?

  24. ^no way. Handjobs in prison are heavenly. Trust me.

  25. Poor Josh has never had a good hand job. Prob only had teenage girls.. Handjobs are like blowjobs and sex in general – it takes skill to be good. Some people have it, some people don’t – but it takes time to get really good. Most teenagers are crap at all three, and most gay guys are better than most women (at the first two).

  26. Well, that makes sense – in the same way that chicks are better at cunnilingus. You’re good at what you know.

  27. ^you were always a cunnin’ linguist. And you’re right.

  28. no different to* Hitler.

    Fucking illiterate filth.

  29. Mad, that is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard! Reminds me of a dude on Lockup, he murdered and ate people and said his sin was no worse than stealing bread. I’m a little curious if he feels the same way about sin when he’s being anally violated. That’s another post though.

  30. Speaking of dumb shit. Jordaan? looks like the “a” was sticky on somebody’s keyboard.

  31. Yea, I’m still tryin to wrap my head around the whole “Jordaan” thing. TWO A’S?! fuckin dumb

  32. @trippinnn

    I know a guy named Jordaan. He’s from South Africa, and it’s pronounced (essentially) “Your dawn.” Of course, the double A in the entry might be a result of stupid American parents.

  33. I can make it so Jordaan actually is screaming. The blood should make it easier for deaf people to work out what is going on.

  34. @Bacchante, I think I can prove your “chicks are better at cunnilingus” theory wrong…

  35. Promises promises.

  36. No harm in trying.

  37. Ballshit you little prick. He’s a filthy cheating snake. You all saw it!
    I want a fucking divorce.

  38. …AAAAAND here is where I start passing out the popcorn.

  39. Oh, I get it. So when I flirt online with people that I will most likely never meet in my life, I’m a “filthy cheating snake,” but when you go and pick up four dudes at a club and gang-bang them in a hotel room, you’re just “experimenting with your sexuality.” You told me you wanted to open the relationship, and I was okay with that. But I guess this relationshit is open only between your legs, while you want to tie me down and make me your work slave. I used to be kind, but if you’re going to try to air out our dirty laundry online, then fine. You asked for it.

  40. Mrsbeatus, you have a beautiful home. And a magnificent husband.
    Give me a call sometime – we’ll do lunch.

  41. /throws acid in Bacchante’s face.


  42. Dammit, have you been rummaging through my chemical weapons storage again?

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