Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dumb Bels

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  1. CommentsAtLarge

    Well that was retarded.

  2. yeah, that fucker isnt even worth a steeEever….

  3. lol he took the piss out of everyone, hats off to im…

  4. xmakoreactantx

    Somehow I knew this was going to end in a Bel-Air, but GOD it looked SO believable.

  5. Nicely belaired. He got me.

  6. should have rick rolled em…

  7. shadowwhisperer

    I was expecting him to have walked the dinosaur. Oh well :/

  8. This guy sure knows how to tell a story.. I knew it would be something like that yet read it all. Good one!

  9. god fuckin dammit! that was a pretty good story, i know i was on the edge of my seat. although we’ve seen the ending before, i give it 4 spuds outta 5. well played…

  10. This was so dumb. I KNEW it was going to end in the Bel-air crap.

  11. Bipolar Amoeba

    tl/dr. he lost me at “I don’t know if I should say”. Dumbass, don’t put it on the internet if you don’t know.

  12. Well shit.

  13. I, for one, really enjoyed this. Much better twist than “The Village”.

  14. Twist!

  15. I knew that was going to end like that,but dayumn this dawg sure knew how to tell story. Mad props dawg +10 internetz for ya.

  16. This is fucking disgusting, I am shocked and bastard outraged that none of you fuckwits are as indignant as me!?!

    Rape is not a joking matter… I had my cock half way to foaming before I realised this teasing little shitpig was talking bollocks.

    I Camembert to read anymore of this shite.

  17. I personally would have gone with an “Everybody do the dinosaur” over the fresh prince.

  18. yeah, I was sort of believing for a while

  19. Jeff, you son of a bitch.

  20. He should go to prison for that stupid ass post.

  21. The.Fuck?
    This is the dumbest shit I have I heard and I have heard a guy say its ok to fuck your first cousin if she is hot. His friends must be a bunch of ‘tarts or knew where he was going with this stupid ass shit and thought it would be funny.

  22. cheesuschrist..has an awesome name.Jeff just openly and publicly admits it lol Like he didn’t do anything wrong haha

  23. Maidenrules91, you don’t seem to get the joke. Have they only recently installed the interweb in your village?

  24. To long… I ended up on some random porn site for ten minutes then remembered what I was doing in th… OOOH! Allstate can save me 45% or more on my insurance!

  25. I knew that story was familiar from somewhere…

  26. Dammit I really wanted to hear the end of that story. I’m about ready to hop the pond and come at this fool. I was reading, getting closer and closer to the screen. Bahaha!

  27. these are sooo boring and unoriginal. After the first sentence I can tell it’s fake and jump to the end.

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