Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thanks Dale!

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  1. Eerste!

  2. (Plants Dutch flag)

  3. Ha! Give that dude a trophy already.

  4. PraetorianXVIII

    haha 22 likes? Awesome.

  5. awsome give it to her dale!!!

  6. ‘gay ass fuck boyfriend’? No wonder it didnt work out, she shouldve seen it coming… or not. Dale has balls like watermelons and is my hero.

  7. I’m sure the 22 likes are tired of hearing the constant emo sh*t too. I wish I had friends like Dale, there would be a lot less depressing melo drama on fb!

  8. Awwwww, no one liked her melancholic heart breaking cries of sorrow? Ditto!

  9. ninth?

  10. Sweet jesus… First it was the Romanians, and now the Dutch are planting their flag? This place is becoming more trashy every day.

  11. *trashier

    Also: good job there, Dale.

  12. xmakoreactantx

    She’s not even being an emo right, people. She’s posting sentence fragments of one to six words. That’s being a retard.

  13. *retart

    (anyone remember?)

  14. Always makes me wander why two people like that are befriended? Even if I had to befriend some stupid co-worker, I hide them from my posts, if I don’t want to read their rubbish…

  15. I know some whiny bitch like her. I might just pull a “Dale”.

  16. CommentsAtLarge

    Indeed buckle_up

  17. I love Dale so much I don’t even care that he doesn’t use punctuation.

  18. Well hey thanks buckle_up
    I now know just the spot to plant that flag.

  19. ismayonnaiseaninstrument

    i want to meet Dale.

  20. Dale is my new hero! Every second post on my news feed was like that, then I updated my status to “Any person who whinges, bitches or post’s those ‘You know you are’ messages will be deleted, Thanks for your time”. I deleted 57 people that day, I should have just done what Dale did and saved myself the trouble. 😀

  21. Next status update from Lily was “knocked the fuck out”.

  22. Sorry ladyda, I appreciate the offer, but I’m not a country like Suriname or Indonesia. Kindly sail your slavery boat someplace else.

  23. I thought ladyda’s comment was a great comeback but buckle_up, that was fucking brilliant! I can almost hear the Javanese cheering for you right now.

  24. Haha buckle up dragonfly, we is sailing into the sunset bitches.

  25. School Boy error there Dale I’m afraid.

    Rule 1: Emotionally vulnerable recently split up slutslugs should be pounced upon at the earliest possible opportunity to facilitate ‘no strings attached’ sexual relations and a general degrading of the females’ opinion of ALL MEN

    Leicester we forget.

  26. Thanks, dragonfly. To be honest, I too thought ladyda’s comeback was pretty good. It was a real challenge to try and top that.

    I hope we can all be friends now. Kumbaya.

  27. Now that everyone is getting along,maybe we can arrange a swing party this weekend?

  28. Bahahaha! I never thought I’d find someone on here that I know. What makes this even funnier is she is an absolute stuck up cow 🙂

  29. Stuck up cow or not, I’m with cheesuschrist on this one.

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