Tuesday, January 19, 2010


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  1. at least he wasn’t holding “it” in his hand

  2. That’s just wrong!

  3. Meh. This one’s a little limp.

  4. I think this post is ANYTHING BUT LIMP 😉

  5. Staged for sure. Times are v. close.

  6. this isnt staged. the times arent that close to eachother…ive had conversations where we comment less than a minute apart…no big deal

  7. i don’t see how this is wrong or even mildly disgusting.
    enjoy a healthy dose of facts:

    your parents are either currently fucking or they were at one time actively fucking.

    statistically, there’s an 83% chance your mom gives head, and a 93% chance she has done it.

    and in turn, 77% your dad eats at the Y, and a 85% he doesn’t currently, but has.

    allow that information to sink in. you’re welcome

  8. Matty, that was a godawful joke.

  9. sorry, itsmaddietime, but i rarely see status updates with multiple comments posted “42 seconds ago”. in any case, this one is not so lame.

  10. Facepunch, how the hell did you come across those facts?

  11. 42seconds and they print screen! Staged.

  12. does it really matter about the timing?? hilarious!! although how u shake a Viagra is beyond me, hope he didn’t mean vibrator :/

  13. Big whoop

  14. I’ve always wondered why dads chin was a little shiny. I thought it was because he was drooling on himself. No wonder mom always has a smile on her lips.

  15. i’ve said it before… i love made-up statistics!

  16. Yes, it matters when people stage their posts to submit them on here. Takes the fun out of the website. Genuine funny posts.

  17. All I can think is he was shaking the little bottle of pills at her, unless like Fairy said he meant vibrator which would make more sense.

  18. Jools, you’re a Godawful joke. I was making an observation.

  19. Matty, your joke was wonderful!

  20. i’m kind of ashamed to share the first name as Monique…
    she has the typing skills of a 10 year old.

  21. @jools – it’s a combination of statistics, i just used 30-50 as the demographic so the probability of your mother or father’s giving/getting oral may vary slightly.

    @sarayve – over half of my statistics are 80% accurate

    @fingerman – glad to help you solve that one

  22. 42 seconds ago.

  23. Wow, Matty, what an original and witty comeback!

  24. Shaking a viagra? Maybe his dad was bashing one out whilst watching his mum….

  25. ..i wonder what happened to monique? lol

  26. How was Brian able to identify the brand of pill bouncing around in his randy dads hands?

    The only way for him to know for sure is if he’s been dipping his fingers into daddies penis pill stash. Fuck off Brian, buy your own hard on!

  27. My favourite part from Austin Powers Goldmember:

    Nigel Powers: [rubs throat] Ow…
    Austin Powers: What’s wrong with your neck?
    Nigel Powers: I took a Viagra, got stuck in me throat, I’ve had a stiff neck for hours.
    Nigel Powers, Austin Powers: I thank you!

  28. @Melons – Quoting the third Austin Powers film? You’ll put a hole in that comedy barrel if you scrape it too much, you know?

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