Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So That’s What It Looks Like


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  1. @shawty1:
    Really, it only works when Zombie Kid does it.

  2. Really, SeeBea? Seemed just as moronic to me…

  3. Does the ceiling look REALLY close to you people?

  4. IMO it’s only those people desperate to fit in in the real world who feel the need to be douches to new people on something as bloody trivial as an internet forum.

  5. Does anyone else think he looks like Spencer Pratt? Gross.

  6. I hope this session they were having didn’t end with her getting knocked up. We really don’t need any more morons of their type running around the place.

  7. @ Mswillow – It’s probably the wall, since the guy is standing up.

  8. @mtc – Actually, I think it is the ceiling. I would hazard a guess that she’s on her back and he’s kinda leaning over her.

    Regardless, that’s classless. What an a-hole.

  9. This is fake

  10. @ Dr_Know – It’s only those people DESPERATE to fit in to an internet forum who side with the underdog… Maybe you should contact KennyChen & Lorne852 = they should be able to give you tips onto how to side with the wrong ones. You OBVIOUSLY don’t know where the douchebag section on this webpage is, but if you go there, say hi to them for me. BTW, IMO – you are Frodo. This is Svetlana.

    That’s who??

  11. UGH! WHY????

    Evan, I hate you!

    I hope someone punches you in the face!

  12. How much extra did he pay the hooker to snap that photo?

  13. worst_episode_ever

    this pic just made my day

  14. @anonymous s:
    that’s the ceiling? oh, I get it now…so where is his….never mind, I don;t really want to know.

    @Dr_Know: See this is the thing, nobody cares what your opinion is anymore than they care about mine. You ARE Frodo.

    Go on ask, I dare ya…”Why am I Frodo?”

    This is SeeBea

  15. @SeeBrea You are Frodo because you maintain a strangle hold on a joke that died a slow death weeks ago.

    That and your large hairy feet.

  16. *SeeBea

  17. adamn is frodo

  18. Ewww, Artex ceiling!

  19. the guy also looks uncannily like a famous english cricketer called andrew ‘freddie’ flintoff:

    could evan be a clever nom de plume, perhaps, so he could avoid a sticky wicket?

  20. Haha, that’s a “howzat!”, alordslums!

  21. @Adamn: I have always been and never flagged from being a hobbit (Frodo or not)…not for one single second. I don’t have a pool and sadly, do not have big hairy feet either. But I wish I did. I will also carry a joke unto the death. Though I must say I do not understand the Frodo joke entirely. You will never convince me that you really give a shit anyway. Cuz I don’t.

    I also support Zombie Kid in his efforts and always will.

  22. I swear that’s Michael Schumacher…

  23. Christ on a cracker

    Truth is, the poor girl (or guy!) was just so bored over there due to the small and pathetic size of this douche bag’s dick, that decided to take a picture of him when he shot his load, after just two minutes of SEX.

  24. im with cracker christ…. i mean, he must be pretty lame when the girl gets so bored, she desides to look through her purse for her camera, and starts snapping while hes fumbling around down there xD

  25. Modern technology. Whatever happened to reading a good book while getting a bit?

  26. LOL! the funniest thing is; that girl probably used that picture to show his girlfriend.


    My god… have some shame, Evan.

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