Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Won & Done

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  1. James certainly puts the ‘lame’ in lamebook.

  2. Andrew FTW!

    And Stephan stop replying to yourself

  3. andrew stole that burn from awfulyearbook so good job i guess!

  4. A bunch? Maybe even a thousand!

  5. See? No one likes gingers.

  6. I love gingers I do. I must be easily pleased, James made me laugh.

  7. There is nothing good about a anti bully bands… well only one thing…
    Some kid had one when I was in school and the year elevens stole it off him and proceeded to harass him all dinner time by pinning him down and used the elastic in the band to torment his ears…. poor kid I think he moved. 🙁

    Hmmm I think I need a better and bigger word than douche to describe that guy!

  8. They say Ginger Ale is made with real gingers! I drink it often.

    <3 to all the Gingers! 🙂

  9. He’s douche-tastic…

    Lame I know… 😛

  10. Actually, I’m Douchetastic.

  11. Notice Stephen is talking about his video game girlfriend, not his real girlfriend. If he were talking about his real girlfriend, well he would be referencing two fictional characters.

    *NOTE I am not bashing gamers, I play my share of games. I am, however, bashing guys who would post on FB about their video game girlfriend.

  12. HA Douchetastic!!!

  13. LOL…. ^^^

    Figures huh 😛

  14. #2 would actually be funny if the person who posted it was named Kanye instead of James

  15. If there’s no tires on the back axle, how is the car continuing to function as a car?

  16. He might of done a quick fix job and made temporary wheels out of police batons which he stole off the police with the said police car before making his very important appearance at his destination.

    He said no tires but did not mention anything else acting as wheels for this car.

  17. The like button is such a dramatic thing anyway. Don’t know why they have it there period. I miss the old system where people didn’t feel the need to rate my posts. And you were a fan of pages instead of liking them so people would stop the stupid “Lamebooklover likes it in the butt jokes.:P

    Also, in all fairness they need a dislike button too. 😀

  18. oliver stole that out of date joke from russell howard.

  19. Stole it from Jack Whitehall, I thought.

  20. It’s more likely Jack Whitehall stole it from Oliver.

  21. It’s more likely that Jack Whitehall is Oliver who is pretending to be Russell Howard.

  22. The Douche picture was awesome!! I couldn’t figure out what was lame about the picture until i scrolled down, haha

  23. @slippyslappy You didn’t the lameness in that picture until you scrolled down?

  24. Pea, i think its more being a ginga that makes him a douche. But that tie clip isn’t helping either.

  25. well, yeah. He LOOKED like a douche, but I assumed per LB usual standards, something more would be up. You know…kid sucking on vaguely phallic symbol, some guy fingering a chick in the background. Just the usual standard of humor.

    I love that there wasn’t.

  26. Yeah, Oliver definitely stole the joke from Jack Whitehall. Who’s an unfunny, Russell Brand-wannabe knob.

  27. Hey mad2, mister, I like that song..
    Who knew Gingers could be douches?

    Stephen, you forgot to add the dead hooker in the back.

  28. Song?

  29. Beyonce- Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

  30. I thought perhaps you meant The Simpsons’ ‘We Put the Spring in Springfield’ song.

  31. The tie clip looks fine. I think the humor is just supposed to be that someone called him a douche…

  32. i’m the dude in #4 – i called myself a douche, and if amarble is correct, and unoriginal douche at that

  33. #2 was funny. But it’s definitely a repost. :/ Either that or I’ve seen it on my own FB newsfeed way too many times.

  34. Andrew = hilarious.. scary thing is I SWEAR I recognise SuitMan from somewhere.

  35. i <3 GTA4 i played it today actually…and its pretty easy to drive on there with your wheels shot off. Well…maybe not "easy" but "possible".

  36. If you liked it, you should have put a ring on it with electrophilic aromatic substitution

  37. I’m liking this just for the last one. The rest were quite meh… Second one okay, but I’ve heard it before.

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