Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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  1. people like beth are the reason i can’t get a gun.

  2. Much like the people who wear no pants to WalMart in hopes of getting on the POWM site, I wonder if people are now actively trying to get on Lamebook. Is anyone really as ignorant as Beth?
    Also, I hope Jennifer and Brian come on here, tell us all to get a life and then splain themselves.

  3. The Arctic looks lovely this time of year.

  4. Yeah right @ the pharmacist. He played it off well, it’s just not sticking well in me.

  5. That coffee filter one would probably make me barf if I saw it…

  6. If the garbage man is opening up the bags and looking in them he deserves to be nauseated.

  7. Isn’t that a wolverine?

    I don’t think the pharmacist is sticking well in anybody, especially not Katelyn.

  8. @ Beth – actually no. It’s a fake polar bear duh.

  9. You know, when I think about it, it actually looks more like a koala than a wolverine.

  10. @anorexicpanda

    I was just going to say “Silly Beth, polar bears don’t climb trees. It’s obviously a koala bear.”

  11. Bradley is quoting a Canadian comedian, Jeremy Hotz, so while his status is hilariously disturbing, it’s also unoriginal.

  12. Good spotting Beth,, there’re definitley something off about that polar bear it seems tainted.

    Bradley admit it, you enjoyed sharing with the world that you use maxi pads. Call it coffee all you want.

  13. The paint is starting to wear off.

  14. Yep, pretty sure the pharmacist was just trying to cover up – are there really questions to be asked about a flu shot? You get it and possibly end up sick a day or two later (some people catch the virus from the shot). She didn’t buy a laptop or weapons-grade plutonium from the guy; what the hell might she need help with?

  15. My pharmacist always gives me his work number in case I have any questions about any medication, even the relatively safe ones. ::shrug:: It’s plausible.

    Also, you definitely saw a wolverine on a post a bit back. The whole please don’t masturbate in the showers one is something that has appeared at the University of Michigan as a joke for ages, and has spread around the internet to all sorts of different colleges. Wasn’t funny then, isn’t funny now. just meh.

  16. Bradley must be using some piss-poor maxi pads if any coffee makes it into the pot. And that’s definitely a fake koala. The other two weren’t funny at all, though at least Katelyn is feeling herself.

  17. Coffee filter is an old joke by comedian Jeremy Hotz.

    Lame indeed.

  18. The coffee filter might be an old joke, but i prefer to think that Bradley has a serious problem instead.
    Jennifer is probably a coke head. Hence the drama drama alert. Obviously a pretty normal state of affairs for her.

  19. Is that a REAL tree?

  20. Ugh…*sighs and rubs temples slowly*

  21. Jeremy Hotz is funny.

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