Tuesday, October 2, 2012


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  1. *vomit*

  2. I’d argue his ‘dicc’ wasn’t there to begin with. Man up Jonathon, she threatened to disfigure your genitals.

  3. Happy Birthday Haley. It’s my dicc in a box. It smells like your sister among others. Love Jonathan.

  4. Chances are, Haley has already cheated on Jonathan.

  5. run bro

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Jonathan deserves to get his dick cut off NOW, just for being that pussy whipped.

  7. I’m thinking Jonathon is laughing at you all, as he clearly doesn’t even have a dick – or any testicles – to speak of.

  8. “Cut my dicc off”..

    ..because I am a woman, trapped in a man’s body.. and I’m only with you ’cause we’re the same dress size.

  9. fail

  10. How is that pussy-whipped? I bet you all have said stupider things to get laid, I know I have.

  11. considering the horrific low-life skanks who would even consider laying with you, I’ve no doubt you’d have to say dumb shit so they can understand you.

  12. Hehehehe he prolly has to.get it out of her pocket to cut it lol lol
    Um wait my wife did not hear me did she??? Hope not next week is my semi-yearly.visit with mine

  13. “…can’t wait to see what I get for my 11th birthday next year!!”

  14. @10 Shocker.

  15. I am a very handsome man

  16. Is this the part where you tell us how fit you are, and that you’re constantly working out at the gym? Because SLG already has that particular bullshit covered.

  17. @15 …says your Internet girlfriend, only because she’s not seen the latest American Apparel catalog and has no idea she’s actually been shucking clam to denim jacket guy, pg 42.

  18. Actually, I’m shocked you’re a man. For how long now?

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