Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not My Type

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  1. How hard is it to spell??!!

  2. Apparently ‘there is no words to explane’ just how hard it is to spell…

  3. The “there real” shirt should be appopriately paired with a “your blond” comment.

  4. LAME.


  5. Bad spelling and bad hair aside, those are impressive ta-tas.

  6. Look in that photograph. “There real” has no representation, as all I see is fake.

  7. I’m trying to find a scenario where the shirt could be spelled correctly but I’m having a hard time. The KFC sign is typical based on my experience. Can’t fault the stupid for being stupid I guess.

  8. < never tires of dumb people trying to be clever.

  9. spelling is over rated… but no reason to not spell check before posting a sign or sending a message

  10. I am not the worlds greatest speller, but that’s just painful to read.

  11. Ha!

    1. At least they added the missing “G” because, without that, I would not have understood the sign.

    2. Tie your tubes. There is definitely not a need for any more college students that cannot spell. Give me a break.

    3. I don’t think the winner next to her gives a damn if they are or aren’t real, or if she is or is not mentally retarded.

  12. It’s funny because occasionally people make spelling mistakes.


  13. Although I do fail to see how they managed to make a sign on the computer without noticing some of the fairly abysmal mistakes they made.

  14. tangalangadingdong

    #3 Raven ftw!!

    #7 Reescan: How about, “There! Real!”

  15. If those people could properly spell or work a computer they wouldn’t be working at KFC, now would they? Then who would serve you your greasy mutant chicken and bright orange mac and cheese?

    Those tits are the only things keeping the girl in the last picture from manning the fryer at that KFC. Brittany will be applying there shortly after getting kicked out of college for spending all of her tuition money on Mad Dog 20/20.

  16. “There” NOT real…too perky. They’re about as natural as her hair color. And what’s with the salmon wearing douche next to her???

  17. Hopefully the back of the shirt says “And I’m definitely blonde” but then again, we knew that already!

  18. I am thinking of a t-shirt that says ” Got Spell Check”?

  19. Though, do gotta love ‘look, I’m mocking people’s intelligence! laughing my fucking ass off off off!’

  20. 1. That sign is abysmal, there are typos and then there is that.

    2. What is a fench, and how do you hope it? Sounds like a fun night anyway.

    3. Whether that is spelt right or not, those are some fine specimins.

  21. specimens*

    Sorry, I had to do it, this post is all about spelling…

  22. Who's That Girl?

    Personally, I think she should just take the shirt off. Problem solved.

  23. is McPerson like McDreamy? If so how does one get lost in it?

  24. Serial Thriller

    “There real”… Well, that sums up that bimbo real quick.

  25. wtg… you should probably take yours off also… dont want her to feel left out

  26. Spelling is totally overrated. And math? Who needs that shit? I’ve got a calculator. History? Google, motherfucker. Really, schools should just be closed because knowledge of any sort is not worth retaining anymore.

  27. @Spoon I’m going to guess that McPerson is supposed to be a place. Maybe McPherson as in Fort McPherson?? When stupidity speaks, no one can be sure of the true meaning.

  28. Who's That Girl?

    @Soup – you can’t close schools. The kids would have no place to get their drugs from.

  29. There Real is just an advertisement for dumb and easy. My kind of one-night stand.

  30. #2 sounds like she’s still drunk from the night before.
    #3 those are not real. wishful thinking.

  31. I don’t care if they are real or not (never really cared for melons, usually too tart) that shirt is just amazing. It is the best worst thing i’ve seen all day.

  32. The back of the shirt reads “…real ekspensiv”

  33. CommentsAtLarge

    The first sign takes type-o’s to an entirely new level… or perhaps not since “illiterate” already existed. I agree with Virgo, #2 does sound like she’s still drunk (though if you read it with Mike Myers’ Dutch accent from the last Austin Powers, it actually reads correctly).

    They could still get their drugs at the local park or playground.

  34. I have no problem with her or her shirt, she’s cute in that fake kind of way.

    His shirt is a different story. an orange polo mate?, come on now.
    Not many blokes can pull that off.

  35. But I do like the orange suits that American inmates wear when they appear in court.

    That’s the only time orange works on a man. A shitty colour, fit for a shitty situation.

  36. I hate it when kids go out, get drunk and think they’re the wildest thing out. Like they’re the first people ever to drink alcohol before. “OMG I’m so cool because I drink!”

  37. I think Brittany is from Ohio State.

  38. Looks like Highlights McHomophonephail needs the t-shirt that says “I wish these were brains”, instead.

  39. No “there” NOT real!!!

  40. I’d have to see her ass to know if they are real.

    Most women have the ballast to counter large sacks of fat on ..their.. chest by having large sacks of fat on their ass.

    Skinny women + big boobs = fake tits = R.I.P. my erection

  41. @Raven – Brilliant!

  42. Omg…The top one from KFC Byker i think is in my hometown. I am ashamed, but not surprised! eek!

  43. Hello, summer, good place for shopping, fashion, sexy, personality, maturity, from here to begin. Are you ready? shoes,and,handbags,t-shirts,BIKINI..ect/… thanks… COME../,.

  44. lol

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