Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bright Lights

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  1. I don’t know many pedophiles (jew or otherwise) who prefer women to girls….

  2. unless she meant aboriginal, how does one look Australian?

  3. You wear a hat with corks on it, of course.

  4. Kelli reminds me of history, in that she is stupid and doesn’t make since.

  5. Let’s just hope Kelli never forgets to take her birth control.

  6. @ Saffer: It’s because of the FULLY SICK SOUTHERN CROSS TATTOOS M8 and the COMMODORE V8 with the FULLY SICK RIMS

    Fuck, I hate a lot of my countrymen. Especially around Invasion day time.

  7. Shit, I meant COMMODORE V8 UTE, which has never carried anything more than fresh air in the cargo space. Maybe a slab of XXXX or two.

  8. Saffer:
    Fosters in one hand, Bloomin’ Onion in the other, stingray spine through chest.

  9. I thought Goerge Washington was president! This doesn’t make since!

  10. Lol everything I read now is in an Aussie accent

  11. In the first one, I can kind of get thinking Ben Franklin was a President. He’s on our money, and he’s a strong figure in American history.

    And maybe she forgot the “Carver” in “George Washington Carver?” I can get how that happens…

    And… maybe she’s just a fucking moron.

  12. Kyle could come back with “at least it wasn’t an English exam, because then we’d BOTH be fucked!”

  13. Wasn’t Albert’s brother President?

  14. Is anyone else concerned Anneliese has an owner?

  15. undergroundtunnel

    BAHAHA. How could Corey go to Paris and NOT know it’s in London?
    Maybe he was just thinking of Paris as it’s own country?

  16. I need to start taking harder drugs in the morning, this shit is whack yo, and I can’t tell if #15 is kidding… London, England and Paris, France…

  17. Kelli, you are awesomely stupid.

  18. Heh…

    Since when does something have to make sense?

    (that’s just my 2 cents)

  19. Kelli needs a good fucking ….around the head with a length of rubber hose.

    Kyle, you gormless cunt.

    Anneliese not all jews are paedophiles, just the ones with the big noses, who like money and say things like ‘oy vey! with the kibbutz, scmuch!’

  20. #1…
    Oh dear god. I hope none of my friends think I’m that retard up there. *facepalm*

  21. I don’t think Anneliese was making a racial slur. If you read her first statement, she suggests that the person she interviewed with didn’t like her because she is German and he is Jewish and can’t get over the fact that a few generations ago some Germans killed a bunch of Jews.
    Then she observes that not only did he look Jewish, but also like a pedophile. Her phrasing was unfortunate but I am not convinced she meant to suggest Jews tend to be pedophiles. I think she meant to only suggest if a person is both German-phobic and Jewish, there’s probably a connection, plus this asshole is probably a pedophile.

  22. It’s too late kellibean, if you are already wondering whether they think that about you or not, they have for quite a while and voted in a group meeting not to tell you, because you would never figure it out to begin with. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Retard.
    Now, let’s discuss rates for a private tutor and councelling, I’ll give you a special rate of $120/hour.

  23. Judging by that entire status I think Kyle would be lucky to pass any kind of test.

  24. lol curlybap – we were doing the same thing! I actually read your comment in an Australian accent, stopped and said “wait, hah!”

    1 – WILLIAM EINSTEIN… lmao Omg……………..

    And, I don’t get #3… Anneleise confused the fuck out of me

  25. holy cow, so much stupidity, argh.

    however, #23 made me laugh quite a bit. so true.

  26. Cory doesn’t really have bad grammar, he just left his apostrophes out of his statement. Tons of people do that these days.

    Also at @21, while I like your reasoning, I think she made the assumption that he is Jewish, because he said he does not like Germans. No confirmation of his Jewdentity has been made.

  27. @slippyslappy he also wrote “your” instead of “you are” or “you’re”.

  28. #6 and 7 Benningtons- I have no idea what 90% of your comment meant but I wrote it down on my “Things Americans should know to avoid mimicking while traveling so as not to be, well, Americans” list. Just so you know your anger helped the world I at least one small little way.

  29. Slippy, I don’t know if you are aware, but a lot of Jews are recognizable by their clothing, etc.
    For example, certain types of Jews practice wearing a little hat on their heads (a yarmulka or something); the professor I am currently running a recitation for does that. Then there are the Jews with the beards and such. Finally, some people really do look Jewish, kind of the way I look Northern European.
    So I understood her to have a reason for thinking he was Jewish independently of his German-hating.

  30. 1. To make a mere “reference” to a person’s nationality is not racist, prejudiced or in anyway offensive. A “reference” to one’s nationality can only be offensive or racist if something negative is stated or implied about the nationality. For example, if he had referred to her as a “thieving German”, this would be racially offensive against German people.
    2. Haven’t people figured out that Jewish people know that if they discriminate against Germans, it makes them as bad as the Nazis? We’re too clever for that.
    3. If Anneliese is referring to the doctor as a “complete Jew” as an insult (as opposed to a straight reference to his religion), HER comment was racist and offensive.
    4. Seeing as she couldn’t even remember the wording of what the doctor had said about her being German,it can’t have been that offensive.
    5. “he looked LIKE a complete Jew” signals to me that his religion was not explicitly displayed with any sort of skull cap or whatever. If she was guessing at his religion, she was judging him by his skin colour, nose size etc. Since when had that been acceptable? If she meant it as a cuss, it’s racist, as established previously.
    6. A “bunch” of Jews killed by the Nazis? Try millions!

    I hope that brings some clarity to the situation.

  31. To point 6. of my last post, I would like to add the word “decent”. We’re too clever and decent to express prejudiced views against others and make ourselves as bad as the Nazis. That’s not to say there aren’t good and bad in all cultures, races, religions etc.

  32. @nuff
    xD I said that because we share the same name. Not because it’s me…

  33. William Einstein wasn’t a president????
    Anneliese, you have a pretty name, but that’s about all you have going for you.

  34. That Damn Kike called me prejudice! I suspect him and his wetback friend are laughing it up now, the former in his bank/law firm and the latter on the yard he is mowing or the farm he is helping harvest of course. How dare they! these are clear racists.

  35. When I see posts like Kelli’s, I want to find them, friend them, then correct every mistake they make in their posts. Someone needs to >_<
    It drives me insane.

  36. Hey guys, long term reader but have never commented until now.

    Someone PLEASE tell me comment 15 is joking????! =\

  37. Cory and Luke are winners.

    No, Goerge Washington was not a president, but George Washington was. And who the FUCK is William Einstein?

  38. I do NOT understand Anneliese’s description of the situation AT ALL. I was hoping that I was just an idiot and the comments would shed some light on what she was talking about, but no. I still don’t understand.

    Also, I like to think that #15 was joking.

  39. Did anyone else read Anneliese as “Anal Eyes?” She must be German.

  40. Ah yes. Bill Einstein, Albert’s less-than-genius brother. He also believed history didn’t make since.

  41. William Einstein actually amalocha, you clearly have no grasp on your history. Of course history doesn’t make since so it is now rendered irrelevant.

  42. Although she misspelled “since,” technically Kelli’s statement is correct…but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t understand why it’s correct.

  43. Could #3 be a dog’s facebook account? “Owner” would make sense then. Could’ve been called a German Shepherd, but be an Australian Shepherd. That’s what I’m going to..hope.

  44. @roflcoptering

    #3, in my understanding of it, is talking about the owner of the brothel that she works in – as prostitution IS legal in Australia.

  45. “history is stupid and doesn’t make since, just found out today that ben franklin, george washington, and william einstein were not presidents”

    There is so much stupidity crammed into that one sentence, I am
    actually in awe.

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