Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh My Frog

Oh My Frog

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  1. I’m pretty sure my two year old would think she was lame.

  2. So she likes frogs? Well, who the fuck *doesn’t* like frogs?!

  3. :\

  4. So what, she likes frogs, whats the problem? At least it’s an innocent hobby.. Unlike binge drinking, pot smoking, and messing around on campus.

  5. Oh Please, like nobody has ever fucked a stuffed animal before… right?

  6. @persistent cat, funniest fucking comment, arv, all those things u said sound pretty cool, and sixkillers comment also provided some laughs

  7. lol @Mikey! hahahah


  9. how do you know they were done at kmart RZ?

  10. Now, I’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, but crazy frog ladies? This world is messed up…

  11. In the second pic, if you want to break her legs, just kiss all the frogs at once.

  12. Photographer: ‘Are you sure you want all those… things, in the picture?’

    Rachel: ‘I didn’t pay you $600 for your comments. Now take the damn photo.’

  13. Miss Piggy?

  14. That frog wearing the hat is clearly organising the whole thing, probably charging too much to smuggle them across the border from Frogland. He sells them a dream of getting a big job in America, but they just end up as props in some crazy lady’s photo. Most of their earnings go back to their little villages in Frogland where, now that all the men in employable condition have left, Hat Frog has his pick of the women.

  15. @ 32, Nicely done 🙂

  16. @Arv. Your a fun sponge

  17. @Boz

    you made my day XD

  18. I am disturbed by the spread eagle frog. Something about that one doesn’t convey innocence to me, Arv.

  19. She’s got the Dr. Laura hair down.

  20. @Boz #64, You just made me laugh out loud.

  21. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooser

  22. Sad Bastard

  23. i bet she is a furry

  24. @73

    …Frogs don’t have fur, dearie. xD

  25. this is actually so bad i feel sorry for it being on here… 🙁

  26. Do you think she has a frog costume at home? Does she attend the ConFurence?

    You don’t have to be furry to be a Furry.

  27. Shit, thats fucked up

  28. lol @ #3, I’ll never understand why women think it’s attractive to chop all their hair off and look like a man…

  29. Because it can be fucking hot, Shawny.

  30. the woman is crazyy

  31. what. the. eff.

  32. That’s just sick.

  33. Seriously? You’re 18 years old and you collect stuffed frogs? And it’s not even a good collection.

  34. Some day, all those stuffed frogs will be replaced with live cats.

  35. Kate before her 8 kids and Jon

  36. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    That is all.

  37. i really hope that her family have disowned her for being a fucking nut job.

    or maybe they actually have, and that’s why she created a family of stuffed amphibians…

  38. I think she needs to have a very long underwater swim with her “family”.

  39. Guess who will die a VIRGIN!

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