Monday, September 14, 2009

Don’t Care Jordan

don't care jordan

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  1. Hes wasted 3 minutes of my life i can never get back. He must die.

  2. ‘What’s the point of starting something if it’s just going to end badly?’ – Jordan, sadly your parents didn’t have this as their mantra.

    ‘What the hell went wrong in the universe to make me…(period)’

  3. i go back to this particular entry every day because it makes me laugh so hard..

  4. Vincent Van Gopher

    It’d make for a suitably lame suicide note.

  5. The ‘fixing mistakes’ and ‘part of the plan’ quote were good but how do you ‘stumble’ across ‘blurred lines’?

  6. i only know one jordan, but he’s not as much of a cunt as this guy… what a pussy!!

    how much do u wanna bet that there hasnt been an actual situation in his life when he got a chance to actually say one of these shitty quotes!!!! he just probably imagined saying them in makebelief situations in his fucked up head!!!

    you, Jordan, should not be allowed to procreate…

    nuff said.

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