Friday, December 28, 2012

A Bestseller

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  1. friend. 🙁

  2. Do they just recycle the same things that were posted months ago when they run out of fresh material?

  3. ^ Now you’re getting it.

  4. Stupid bastards. Lamebook is lamer than facebook. I see lots of funny things on facebook. Dirty, nasty, hilarious things. They never get posted here though, no matter how many times I ‘submit’ them. Fuck lamebook.

  5. ^ No WONDER you’re so angry. You were born with a terrible sense of humor. There may be a support group for that.

  6. ^ I believe it’s called the Comments section of Lamebook…. wait.

  7. With English skills like that, I hope this guy seriously never hopes to strive to become an author.

  8. I was tuggin on my Wang halfway thru that status

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  11. ^ You fucking spammers really should work out a system so that you’re not double-posting at the same website. How are you going to figure out your commissions, you nuffies?

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